What will be your legacy?



Above  picture is my mother at 19 years old.

When my mother died, I took her clothes, cut them up and made lap blankets for my siblings and myself. It was my way of trying to pass down a sort of legacy. Something that was hers, that we all could see and remember our mother in the clothes she wore. Yet, it is nothing compared to the individual memories each of us have of her.

She left each of us individual legacies. Things she taught us. Things we remember. It is easy for me to see what the legacies she left each one of her children. My one brother got her determination/strength. My other brother got her blue eyes and her tenderness. My sister got her playfulness, and I, I got my desire for reading and writing from her. An appreciation of Classical music. Along with enjoying crafts. Sewing. Learning to pray at an early age, Bible stories she read to me, and an absolute desire to question everything and not follow the crowd.

My mother was blessed with a long life. The last few years of her life were full of sickness, but she remained feisty and determined. I saw God at work in her many times.

Before she died, I thanked her for the special things she passed down to me. We both knew she was not going to be around much longer and I wanted to express my gratitude for all she had given and taught me through the years. My mother was a stoic woman, strong in her emotions. So, she had very little to say when it came to emotional things and even would tell me, “I don’t remember that” when telling her it was because of her I liked sewing. The story is: When I was 15, I wore a pair of jeans to school that she told me not to wear because they were kind of worn out with this big patch I put on the rear-end. Being rebellious, I wore them anyway. I came home from school, walked through the door, she saw me and said not a word. I rebelliously thought to myself, “I guess I showed her,” and went on back to my room feeling pretty smug. The next morning I got up to go to school and laying on the kitchen table was my jeans. Neatly laid out with one of the legs cut off! Haha! SHE showed me! I knew better to say a word, so I said nothing. I learned after that not to wear something to school if she told me not to. Some time went by (I don’t know how long) but she asked me if I wanted to learn to sew and make my own clothes. I said, “yeah, I guess.” She took me to the store and told me I could pick out any kind of material and pattern I wanted and make me a shirt. I chose a paisley print with long flowing sleeves. We went home and I had no idea where to start. She began to teach me, telling me, “I will show you, but I will not do it for you.” I did it, with her instructions and never was I so pleased with anything I wore. My mother was a very wise woman!  From then on, even though she would tell me if something was appropriate or not, she still allowed me to express my individualism, whether through my music or apparel. I had learned to respect her.

It has been 4 years ago this month that she passed on. I still think of her every day of my life. I still miss her. Every time I sit down to sew, I think of that time, four decades ago, where my mother taught me, it is ok to be who you are, but still there are standards. The standard in my case at the time, was my mother’s, beings I was under her roof. She had every right to have certain expectations of me.

Years ago, there was a conversation I had with a few other people. We were asking what we wanted best to be remembered about ourselves. One said, “being a servant.” Another said, “being funny.” I said, “loving Jesus.” I would change that now to “loving Jesus and being a truth lover.”

The video below is not a so-called Christian one. But I use it, anyway. This woman, Eva Cassidy had a beautiful voice. Her life was cut short at the age of 33. She barely got started in the music scene before she was diagnosed with Cancer, giving her three months to live. Doesn’t seem quite fair, does it? Still, her music, her beautiful voice, still lives on. It is a legacy she has left upon the earth. Only God knows how many people her voice has touched in ways that has soothed pain and brought comfort.

What will be your legacy?

That the excellency of the power may be of God , not of us…

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It’s been a while since I have put up any videos. I found this pearl this morning. I like the way this brother speaks the truth. No pretense here, no manipulation, no trying to look all self-important. He speaks simple and honestly. Thank you, Brother, Leigh, for being faithful to the Word of God.

If you are part of Church/Building and are being blessed, that is good. No judgment from this brother or me. But don’t be judging those of us who have our reasons for not trying to fit in a man-made mold/system of what we are to look like.

Hope it blesses you like it did me.

Leigh Busby:

Endorsement for a book: Reality Church


I rarely, if ever, do this, but after my husband and I ordered this book, I want to pass it on.

The last time I walked out of a Christian bookstore (some hears ago) I came out depressed due to all the garbage that is being marketed in the name of “Jesus”. This book is the first Christian book I have bothered to even crack open in years. I was so blessed and it is like a breath of fresh air.

It’s not expensive at all. Brother Ian makes little profit off the book, if any. Any proceeds he collects, goes to his small but humble little church in India. I trust Ian Vincent not only with the Word of God, but with any royalties he receives from the time consuming work he has put in this book. He has the right to keep any royalties but he has chosen to give it to his Church, which is his right. May God bless him now and when He stands before God.

This past summer, I gave out some New Testaments and had been wanting to add a book of some kind to the New Testaments. This will be the one I use.  It is written in a format that is easy to read, in small increments chocked full of truth and wisdom. I think one of the hardest things to do, is give Bibles to those who just do not like to read for whatever reason. But, the way this book is written, is user friendly. It is full of God’s Word. So feel free to check it out.


Thank you for your patience


I have been gone for a few months. Partly due to having a bad computer virus which took me offline for three months. Can’t say I actually missed being off line. Had some home improvement going and got to spend more time with my brother who is the best carpenter I know. My summer was spent watching him at his skill.

I finally did get my computer fixed and when I came back to the blog, I found a number of comments waiting to be posted. Some I deleted as I still refuse to go around the same old mountain with those who want to cling to their delusions. Others, I have put up and answered as well as I can. Others are on hold until I can give them my full attention.

I do want to thank each of you who still have come here every now and then, leaving me comments of concern and fellowship.

I plan on coming back, having some ideas to write about. Some things going on in the world, that I see are coming at us. Things meant to bring us great deception, things that make me angry. Trying to put two sentences together without being mad is hard to do, sometimes. Know this: I do not claim to be some great teacher. If you are looking for that, please check out other blogs as I am sure, they could answer your needs better than I. I have spent a lot of time alone the past few years and can only comment on things I observe and experience. I do try very hard in keeping things in perspective with God’s Word. However, I would be lying if I told you that was an easy thing to do. A lot of things have had me angry for sometime now. I wish I could be one who could stick their head in the sand and go through life looking for and finding all the feel-good things. But I can not. That is not who I am. Never have been. Some would call me a pessimist. Perhaps they are right. But, I tend to think I am more of a realist. But, I digress.

I do want to thank each and every one of you who prayed for my friend Geri some time back. She had been sick for a few months with the flu but she did not know that was what she had.  I was trying to prepare myself for what I considered, her death. But God had mercy and she was able to get medical treatment and He began to bring healing. I want to say here, if you or a loved one is sick and refuses to go to the hospital, know that lack of oxygen to the brain can cause a person not to think straight. Causing them to not know the severity of the illness.

Once again, thank you for your patience and hopefully we will be seeing more of each other. Until then, when having done all that you know to do, Stand.