I have been gone for a few months. Partly due to having a bad computer virus which took me offline for three months. Can’t say I actually missed being off line. Had some home improvement going and got to spend more time with my brother who is the best carpenter I know. My summer was spent watching him at his skill.

I finally did get my computer fixed and when I came back to the blog, I found a number of comments waiting to be posted. Some I deleted as I still refuse to go around the same old mountain with those who want to cling to their delusions. Others, I have put up and answered as well as I can. Others are on hold until I can give them my full attention.

I do want to thank each of you who still have come here every now and then, leaving me comments of concern and fellowship.

I plan on coming back, having some ideas to write about. Some things going on in the world, that I see are coming at us. Things meant to bring us great deception, things that make me angry. Trying to put two sentences together without being mad is hard to do, sometimes. Know this: I do not claim to be some great teacher. If you are looking for that, please check out other blogs as I am sure, they could answer your needs better than I. I have spent a lot of time alone the past few years and can only comment on things I observe and experience. I do try very hard in keeping things in perspective with God’s Word. However, I would be lying if I told you that was an easy thing to do. A lot of things have had me angry for sometime now. I wish I could be one who could stick their head in the sand and go through life looking for and finding all the feel-good things. But I can not. That is not who I am. Never have been. Some would call me a pessimist. Perhaps they are right. But, I tend to think I am more of a realist. But, I digress.

I do want to thank each and every one of you who prayed for my friend Geri some time back. She had been sick for a few months with the flu but she did not know that was what she had.  I was trying to prepare myself for what I considered, her death. But God had mercy and she was able to get medical treatment and He began to bring healing. I want to say here, if you or a loved one is sick and refuses to go to the hospital, know that lack of oxygen to the brain can cause a person not to think straight. Causing them to not know the severity of the illness.

Once again, thank you for your patience and hopefully we will be seeing more of each other. Until then, when having done all that you know to do, Stand.