Giving Thanks


Thanksgiving: an American holiday. I know there are many over the world who do not recognize it. Which is to be expected, because it is the day we Americans celebrate. A day where in spite of the turkey and the great abundance on some of our tables, we acknowledge in our hearts, at the very least, that it represents freedom, all that God has blessed us with over the past two centuries. Though, I don’t need a holiday to help me express gratitude, I want to use this time to thank you, the readers, who come here on occasion. It is you who actually makes this blog. If not for you, there would be no reason to share my thoughts. You make me feel loved in a special way I could not know any other way. And I love you too, though we may have never met or heard one another’s voice. So this is for you, whether you believe in my God or not, consider it a type of gift to you. Because as I thank God for all that He has blessed me with — the greatest blessing that of His Son Jesus who died on the Cross and rose from the dead for the likes of me — I am also reminded how he has set people in my life at different times. You, dear reader, are one of them. I thank God for you.


An example of a self-deluded false prophecy


The following off face book, is an offspring of Steve Fletcher, the man who PPSimmons endorsed by giving him a platform on his face book page a few months back. This is what happens when people are not tested within the light of God’s Word. They get to create their own doctrine, usually revolving around self. Which the root is pride. Making themselves greater than God’s Word. Emphasis are mine:

First I declare Comet Ison is the sign of the coming of the Son of Man spoken of in Matthew 24:29. The Rapture of the Church will happen soon after it makes it’s grand appearance after the 28th of this month. (And if not, will this man admit he was wrong?) The Lord has given me (me,me,me… I always cringe when I hear this) the most beautiful gift of confirming it which could only have been revealed over the course of my life. I was just telling my grandma this the day before I discovered this beautiful gifts from our Lord; The following is suppose to be THE criteria that his words are true? That Matthew is my favorite book in the Bible and I think the Lord is guiding me to it. I told her it was no coincidence my middle name is Matthew and that’s what my family has called me since childhood. The passage the Lord has spoken to me about Ison being the sign of the Son of Man is in Matthew 24:29. Well my friends I turned 29 on Nov 1. This was set up before the ages and was perfectly timed by our Lord, as usual, to discover now. And it does not stop there. If we turn to Luke 11:29 you will find the passage that speaks of the sign of Jonah. In case you missed that I turned 29 on the 11th month this year. WOW! He’s actually basing his revelations on his birthday?! I guess that means, because I am 57 years old, I can go through the Bible and look for all the :57 scriptures and they will speak personally for me? Or how about all the ones I missed over the course of my lifetime? Would have loved to know what hidden things of God there was for me was when I turned 15 or 21 or 30. Oh well, I’ll be 60 in three years. Maybe that will be a good time to check it out. What really makes this spectacular is we have received the sign of Jonah and the 40 day warning and it falls on Nov 29 the day after Ison is at its brightest in our sky. i will post a link that describes what the sign of Jonah is and how we received this magnificent sign in the comments. No, I am not saying the Rapture will happen on the 29th just to be clear.
Ok, now I would like to go into deeper waters here. A lot of things about this didn’t make sense to me because of where I thought we were on the timeline of the Tribulation Period. I thought the Tribulation Period had not yet begun. Well my friends I could not have been more wrong. (I think he is still wrong. The Bible speaks of the Tribulation being so great, that everything that we have known throughout history, will look like a pic-nic compared to what those days should be) we We are already halfway through it and the final three and a half years of judgement is about to start right after the Rapture. The 7 year peace treaty was signed by the AC himself which is Obama. Really? When? And I believe there is so much more about THE anti-christ this guy is ignoring of which as of now, obama falls short. The Bible said the AC would be revealed when this happens and he was. What Christians do not understand is that this can only be revealed by the grace of God through the Holy Spirit. You will only see and understand this if He allows you to and blesses you with this knowledge. Whenever you hear that, know that you are being set up. Want to be seen as spiritual? Then you too, must follow the words of the prophet. If your still holding on to your own pride and arrogance you can not see, He will not let you. You are led to believe if you are taking the time to test this deluded man’s words, it is YOUR pride, when in fact, it is HIS very deluded pride speaking. Listen to the Holy Spirit. Blah blah blah, what he’s really saying is “listen to me.” Because a real Berean, one who tests all things, would be testing him at this point, if they haven’t by now.

He goes on, but I stop here…….. All credit of these Revelations go to our Creator and Lord and Savior. These are not things I came to understand by my own intellect, but with what our Lord and Savior has blessed me with to see and understand. Once again, we are to believe that just because he says, we are to believe.

Someone questioned him either here or on another thread. His response: I thought I explained all of that in great detail, but not everyone is suppose to get it. Once again, only the enlightened ones will get it. Enlightened being those who like sheeple will hang on to his every word.

The main point I want to get across to everyone is to TEST everything in the light of God’s Word. Do NOT let anyone make you feel dumb, stupid, unteachable, unsubmissive, rebellious, etc. just because you dare to question.  If something does not feel quite right to you, step back from it and take the time to test it. What happens when you have followed something for so long and then someone tells you to drink the Kool-Aid? What then?

60 year old woman kills 2 knockout artist thugs


My sentiments exactly. If that offends anyone, I can’t say I’m sorry. It is what it is. I love justice.

Promoting Common Sense One Person At A Time:

Playing for Time


A wonderful movie that I have only been able to see once in my lifetime. Just found it on youtube. It’s about 2 and a half hours long, but well worth the time.

Wikipedia: For Time was based on Fénelon’s experience as a female prisoner in the Auschwitz concentration camp, where she and a group of classical musicians were spared in return for performing music for their captors.

Fénelon, a Jewish singer-pianist, is sent with other prisoners to the Auschwitz concentration camp in a crowded train during World War II. After having their belongings and clothes taken and their heads shaved, the prisoners are processed and enter the camp. Fénelon is recognized as being a famous musician and she finds that she will be able to avoid hard manual labor and survive longer by becoming a member of the prison’s female orchestra, Women’s Orchestra of Auschwitz.

In the process, she strikes up a close relationship with Alma Rosé, the musical group’s leader, as well as the other members of the band. Realizing that the musicians get better treatment than other prisoners, Fania convinces the guards and members of the orchestra that another prisoner she had befriended, Marianne, is actually a talented singer. Although Marianne performs poorly at her audition, she is allowed to join the orchestra. Playing for the Nazis, however, robs the women of much of their dignity and most of them often questioned whether remaining alive was worth the abuse they constantly suffer.

Jan Oberink:

I guess Jesus forgot to mention this when warning of false prophets?


that your name must add up to 888 in order to be a prophet. I guess Jesus forgot to tell us that?

Apparently to this guy, Steve Fletcher: Jesus forgot to  tell us about the number 888. John must have forgotten to bring that out in the book of Revelation, as well. The link is NOT one which I endorse in anyway.

Be cautious, very cautious anytime you hear self-induced prophets say this kind of thing: Steve Fletcher Over the last months I have received many Prophetic Revelations from the Lord Jesus Christ. Many have a hard time understanding all that I have been sharing, and things are happening now so very fast. (meaning: if you don’t grasp his nonsense, it’s because you are not as enlightened as Fletcher and you better get on that bandwagon) But there is one thing that has been central to everything else I have received, and it is based on this Revelation that I was given…

the Keys to the Book of Daniel…

a Book Sealed until the Time of the End.


Is this a coincidence? Could be… we will soon know.


This is the very same guy that PPSimmons (Carl Gallups) was semi-endorsing on his facebook page back in June 2013. I was shocked when I saw that PPSimons was giving this guy an opportunity to speak his nonsense of date setting and that the rapture was going to happen within a few weeks. I, along with some others voiced our concerns only to be treated with a condescending tone,  mocked and ridiculed by PPSimmons in a passive/aggressive manner. PPSimmons has since removed Steve Fletcher’s nonsense from his timeline.

In the meantime, Steve has managed to come up with all kinds of scenarios and prophecies. All based on a comet. Remember Heaven’s Gate?


The following is a conversation between Steve Fletcher and a woman (who I do not know) that took place some months ago. She was trying to set him straight. He would not have it.

One of his answers to her: 

wait and see. I am human and make mistakes. When I am wrong i ask forgiveness and move on.

Well, the date came and went. He was wrong. One would think he would STOP, but he hasn’t. He has moved on and STILL is finding ways to predict and verify he is a true prophet. Sadly, many people are hanging onto his every word. The danger in this is that if people have their faith based upon a self-proclaimed prophet and his worthless words, they will be greatly disappointed. And what if the likes of a Fletcher tells them all that God said they must drink the Kool-Aid at some point? 

Steve, in the old days, you would have been stoned for being a false prophet.

The Foolishness of Comparing Ourselves to Others


For we dare not class ourselves or compare ourselves with those who commend themselves. But they, measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise. — 2 Corinthians 10:12 —

When I first started blogging, I found bloggers who I have enjoyed for many different reasons. Some for their passion, some for the way they were able to expound on the things God, others for their diplomacy, some for their hard work in research in digging through a matter and finding the truth. Some for the gentleness and humility they displayed. Some for their logic. Others for just plain accepting me, warts and all. All of them for their desire for the truth in one form or another.

I have noticed each and every one is different as a snowflake. Each made in the image of God created for His purposes. Their blogs as unique as they. Some write long articles, others are able to say what needs to be said in just a few words. Others are meek and gentle while there are those who come off like fire breathing dragons. I’ve probably been one of those. *sigh*

For myself, I find writing a hard thing to do most of the time. My emotions get in the way which causes my thoughts to get all jumbled up at times. Because of this, I have made the mistake in the past of  comparing myself to others. All  through my life I have looked at people and been able to see their strengths, abilities, talents and gifts: things I fall short in. I’ve never been jealous of those things. God knows. Instead I was just glad to be able to sit back and see their abilities at work, which in turn, blessed me. However, I made a mistake many times by comparing myself with them which usually went something like this: Wow! They sure are good at this or that. Cool, they can do such n such. I really love that about them! In light of what I was seeing, I could see so many things I fell short in.

When my father began teaching me how to play guitar, he told me, “Remember, there will always be some who you will be able to play better than. But there will also be those who play better than you. But you, you just be yourself.” My father was right. As I met those who had a desire to play guitar and did not know how, I would gladly show them what little I knew. Encouraging them to the best of my abilities. When I got around others who could play so much better than I, it was wonderful just to be still and sit, listen and watch them at their skill. I esteemed both the same. Finding myself joyfully content in both places.

Many people are led to believe that unless they can do this or that, or act a certain way (not talking about issues of sin or bad behavior here) they are not as good as others. I’ve seen it in Churches where the most educated are esteemed, the most talented, the one who gives the most, the one who can hoop and holler the loudest (cause you know that means they are so full of the holy Ghost, don’t ya know).

When we compare ourselves to others, we loose sight of who and what God is wanting to create us to be. If we aren’t careful, we might end up imitating others, never coming to the complete freedom of being what God wants us to be. Or we can end up judging/comparing others wanting them to jump through hoops to prove something to us. Both are foolish places to be. Both are places of idolatry. One is desiring to be something different than God intends. The other is desiring to be the Creator of what you should look like.

My brethren, do not hold the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with partiality. For if there should come into your assembly a man with gold rings, in fine apparel, and there should also come in a poor man in filthy clothes, and you pay attention to the one wearing the fine clothes and say to him, “You sit here in a good place,” and say to the poor man, “You stand there,” or, “Sit here at my footstool,” have you not shown partiality among yourselves, and become judges with evil thoughts? — James 2:1-4 —

I speak to the little lambs out there somewhere who feel like they have been tossed aside, forgotten and left alone because you aren’t talented enough, you don’t hoop and holler, you don’t give the most, or for the simple reason, you just don’t have it all together yet: Take that yoke off. This is all that matters:

… He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ; — Philippians 1:6 —


The true taste of humble pie is sweet

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humblepiefunnyRecently, we had a storm here that brought some heavy winds. We had our porch awning replaced a few months back and the people who put it on, did it incorrectly. I knew when they left, it was not up to par, but went on against my better judgment and trusted them anyway. Perhaps if it had not been during the same time when my husband had gone to the hospital with what we thought may have been a heart attack, I would have been much more vocal. Instead — being anxious about my husband’s health — I let the issue go unresolved.

I finally got around to call them a few weeks back and they told me they would send someone by to look at it, but they never did.

The day of the on approaching storm, I told my husband that awning was going to get blown off. Sure enough, it did. Late at night, Bam, bam, bam, as the wind hit it violently. I ranted about it on face book, telling others not to use this company. By the next morning, it was hanging by two thin strips of aluminum. I was mad. Mad at the people who did not do the job correctly and mad at myself for letting them get by with it.

I had my husband call them and tell them about it, as I did not trust my tongue at all. My husband, being the diplomatic one, called them, leaving them a message. He waited around a while but then went on and took the dogs for their walk. It was during this time, they called and I had to answer the phone. I more or less, repeated everything my husband told them, following his example. Because if it had been left to me… oh well, thank God, it wasn’t, and I thank God I have a husband who is natured the way he is.

The man told me someone would come that day. He kept his word and he and his father came to the house. My husband was on the defense, finding friendly things to talk about, while I was on the offense, firmly addressing the issue. Once I saw they were just hard working guys wanting to make an honest living, willing to fix their mistake, we took them around back to look at our porch to see if we could give them our business there in covering it somehow so water/snow would not damage it. The son was explaining the procedure to me as his father and my husband were having pleasant conversation. The men had been very accommodating and gracious towards me. Even as I was on the offense. When we got done, I apologized to him and his father for being so harsh. We both parted looking forward to doing business with one another. I went back on face book and told everybody I was WRONG and by all means, do use this company.

The next time you find yourself eating humble pie, pay attention to the way it tastes. Is it sweet or bitter?

I think it’s only bitter, if your desire to be right is more important than the truth. I think it is bitter, if you resent being shown you are wrong.

The taste is sweet when it helps you see the truth. And truth being what it is — that which sets free — sets free both parties.

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