Before I continue I must thank Crystal  for this picture. I did a search on trying to find a photo for this post. I was actually looking for one of a dog standing in a distance, but found this. I told my husband, “Come here, this picture looks just like Dixie and Dolly.” Come to find out, it is! Thank you, Crystal. Great pic and thank you for the kind words for my girlies.


One thing I take great pleasure in, is giving my dogs treats. When we first got our puppies, I told myself I was not going to give them anything but dog food. As the last dog we had, Jethro, a Blue Tic Beagle would drool all over the place until you gave him a bite of whatever you were eating.

However, that has changed. I still can not eat in front of an animal without feeling some sort of guilt. Maybe it’s their cute little expressions, their patient waiting, maybe it’s the way Dolly sticks her little head in the refrigerator… I don’t know. I try to fight off the guilt sometimes by telling them, “Look, I don’t sit and stare at you when you are eating.” It means nothing to them. Not only do they not understand, but they are oblivious to anything around them until I am done eating, because they know they are going to get some kind of treat. After finishing my meal, I give my dogs a “tastie” of something or the other. They wait expectantly, without drooling.

I have found it peculiar that both dogs behave differently. Dolly, the little one, comes to me very expectantly. Dixie on the other hand, sits quietly alone off to herself, watching me as I prepare a treat. My little Dixie, stands at a distance from me, when all I want to do is bless her with a treat. I’ve done nothing to make her fear me, yet, she stands from afar.

One day God showed me I am sometimes like Dixie. Why? I’ve had to search my heart to know the answer for myself. Your answer may be different. But I will take the liberty to speak as if it may be the same answer for some of us: We may find ourselves standing at a distance from God, just because of the way others have treated us. We think because someone else does not like/love us, then God must not like/love us also. This is not true, Beloved. If we aren’t careful, we can get to a point where a person’s opinion of us can become more important than the opinion of God. This should not be.

Perhaps it is because we see others being blessed in such a way and we ask ourselves, “Why God? Why not me?” That could be covetousness. But let us say this is not the case. It could be you have been praying for something over and over: for that loved one to come into the Kingdom of God and it only seems to get worse and worse, or perhaps your finances are not where you need them to be, or you are dealing with some kind of illness, or you are house bound for whatever reason. Or just plain lonely. You may see these things in your own life and realize there is literally nothing you can do about it. Let us say, you have done all that you know to do. All that your own personal resources will allow you to do, anyway. Now you are just plain tired. You have given up. And you find yourself still believing in God, still loving Him, because you know in your heart of hearts, nothing will ever change that. But somehow you are distant with Him. He’s not gone anywhere. Some will say at this point: Right. It is you who have left God. But I say, if your heart is still with Him, you haven’t gone anywhere. IF you can still see Him preparing a blessing, no matter for who or what it is, if you can allow yourself to be happy for that person, then you have not left Him.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. — Hebrews 13:8 —

He’s not stopped loving you just because life has not been what you thought it would be.

Only God knows what you go through on an every day basis. He knows every single thing, every detail of your life. He knows when you are feeling poorly, He knows the things that bring you anxiety, He knows those loved ones you are concerned about, He knows, He knows, He knows. And… He cares. Others may not, but God does.

After preparing the treats for my little girlies, I call for Dixie who unlike her excitable sister, has been waiting patiently. She happily runs to me when called. Excited to get not only the treat, but mama lovings from me as she knows I mean her no harm.

If you find yourself standing at a distance from God in the way I have described, do not allow yourself to be under condemnation. There is nothing wrong with watching and waiting, if your heart can be glad for those around you.