For those who still need proof that the Church has gone from bad to worse over the past couple decades. 

In one production below, they have Jesus in hell, being beaten by Satan. Sorry, that is not true. Jesus said on the Cross, “It is finished.” He did not go to hell and take some kind of beating from Satan. To use a Church/Building for such stuff as this, is for one purpose only: entertainment for the sheeple. I can just imagine afterwards the applause and back patting that went around. Wow! You played a good devil. You were such a great Jesus. Please people, can you actually see the disciples actually going around and performing like this? If not, then why is it ok today? Times have changed, you may say?    Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. — Hebrews 13:8 — Call me unimaginative or whatever, but I just can’t imagine His disciples and followers going around putting on some kind of show when they had the Word of God, which they were willing to die!

The scene where the two girls meet a drug pusher, take drugs, then die. They appear before I don’t know who or what he is suppose to be, and they say, “we didn’t mean to do drugs,” then they are cast into hell. Hmmmm, what’s wrong with that picture? It is misleading. It is as if the sin of drug abuse is the thing that causes a person to go to hell. It is rejection of the perfect sacrifice — Jesus — that takes one to hell. Personally, I think when we stand/fall on our faces before a holy awesome God, we will not even be able to utter a word in our defense. We will be so over taken by the Truth standing before us, that any preconceived notions or excuses will be utterly destroyed by the Light. Therefore the only thing we will do — both the saved and unsaved — is bow before him and confess with our tongue that Jesus is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.  One in total joy and gratitude, the other in utter defeat and sorrow. 

Another scene of a Christian family driving home from Church and mother tells little boy, “Now, that you’ve asked Jesus into your heart, we’re a complete Christian family.” I certainly do not mean to sound like I am belittling the Christian family. However, that sounds so hokey in light of Christian families who are like any other family, in not having it all together.

Another scene where a man and son are driving. Dad says to son, “If I had spent all my time in Church, instead of working, we wouldn’t have this nice new car or that big house we live in.” I have to agree with the guy on that one. Phony Preachers would have sucked him dry building their little empires. My point here: Church does not save you. And honestly, by today’s standard of what goes on in most American Churches, who wants to go anyway? UNLESS, you happen to blessed enough to have found one without all the foolishness.

Do people really think that we are suppose to take this kind of thing seriously? That it actually leads to people accepting the truth? And if so, would it be the kind of truth one would be willing to die for?

If I was on the outside (meaning not being a Christian) looking in, I would find the first video ridiculous.  However, I still find it ridiculous.


Meanwhile in other nations:

Corey Price:

Surely, you are you able to see the contrast? Kind of puts a different light on things, doesn’t it? Gee Redeemed Hippie, can’t you just chill and show us happy things? No. Not when I see what is going on with my brothers and sisters in other countries. Somehow it takes the fun out of watching a bunch of I – wanna – be -a- star – and – there’s – no – other – way – than – to – stand – up – in – church – and – look – like – an – idiot people who are living in some make-believe ivory tower.