humblepiefunnyRecently, we had a storm here that brought some heavy winds. We had our porch awning replaced a few months back and the people who put it on, did it incorrectly. I knew when they left, it was not up to par, but went on against my better judgment and trusted them anyway. Perhaps if it had not been during the same time when my husband had gone to the hospital with what we thought may have been a heart attack, I would have been much more vocal. Instead — being anxious about my husband’s health — I let the issue go unresolved.

I finally got around to call them a few weeks back and they told me they would send someone by to look at it, but they never did.

The day of the on approaching storm, I told my husband that awning was going to get blown off. Sure enough, it did. Late at night, Bam, bam, bam, as the wind hit it violently. I ranted about it on face book, telling others not to use this company. By the next morning, it was hanging by two thin strips of aluminum. I was mad. Mad at the people who did not do the job correctly and mad at myself for letting them get by with it.

I had my husband call them and tell them about it, as I did not trust my tongue at all. My husband, being the diplomatic one, called them, leaving them a message. He waited around a while but then went on and took the dogs for their walk. It was during this time, they called and I had to answer the phone. I more or less, repeated everything my husband told them, following his example. Because if it had been left to me… oh well, thank God, it wasn’t, and I thank God I have a husband who is natured the way he is.

The man told me someone would come that day. He kept his word and he and his father came to the house. My husband was on the defense, finding friendly things to talk about, while I was on the offense, firmly addressing the issue. Once I saw they were just hard working guys wanting to make an honest living, willing to fix their mistake, we took them around back to look at our porch to see if we could give them our business there in covering it somehow so water/snow would not damage it. The son was explaining the procedure to me as his father and my husband were having pleasant conversation. The men had been very accommodating and gracious towards me. Even as I was on the offense. When we got done, I apologized to him and his father for being so harsh. We both parted looking forward to doing business with one another. I went back on face book and told everybody I was WRONG and by all means, do use this company.

The next time you find yourself eating humble pie, pay attention to the way it tastes. Is it sweet or bitter?

I think it’s only bitter, if your desire to be right is more important than the truth. I think it is bitter, if you resent being shown you are wrong.

The taste is sweet when it helps you see the truth. And truth being what it is — that which sets free — sets free both parties.