Thanksgiving: an American holiday. I know there are many over the world who do not recognize it. Which is to be expected, because it is the day we Americans celebrate. A day where in spite of the turkey and the great abundance on some of our tables, we acknowledge in our hearts, at the very least, that it represents freedom, all that God has blessed us with over the past two centuries. Though, I don’t need a holiday to help me express gratitude, I want to use this time to thank you, the readers, who come here on occasion. It is you who actually makes this blog. If not for you, there would be no reason to share my thoughts. You make me feel loved in a special way I could not know any other way. And I love you too, though we may have never met or heard one another’s voice. So this is for you, whether you believe in my God or not, consider it a type of gift to you. Because as I thank God for all that He has blessed me with — the greatest blessing that of His Son Jesus who died on the Cross and rose from the dead for the likes of me — I am also reminded how he has set people in my life at different times. You, dear reader, are one of them. I thank God for you.