Guess what? I do not blame him. I would too. Does it make me a hater? I think not. It just means I may not have the same convictions as you and who is government or anyone to tell me how to run my business? Don’t ask me or worse, use some form of government control to sanction what we may disagree on. I do NOT want to use government control on anyone, other than liars, thieves, cheats, pedophiles, murderers, etc. If a person wants to be a homosexual, then be a homosexual. It is not my business. So don’t make it my business when you come to me demanding something.

I don’t know if it were two men or two women who came into the bakery, and I don’t care. For the sake of this article, I will use men as an example.

What if the man made the cake and the homosexuals began complaining out of vengeance, threatening to sue for one thing or another? They wanted pink roses and the roses came out a tad darker than they wanted. Or they wanted two groomsmen and the baker would have to go out of his way to find one? Maybe not everybody wants to go out of their way to appease someone else. Nor should they feel they have to. Then what? Stuff like that happens all the time. Someone — homosexual or not — always looking for a reason to sue because they got their feelings hurt or whatever. And if the man was forced to bake it, every homosexual within miles would be coming to him, once again using government to force him to do something he did not want to do. Some would come to him out of pure spite and nothing more. Yeah, I would go to jail first.  

Suppose the shoe was on the other foot? There are nudists camps where whole families go. Suppose one of the rules were, you have to be nude to enter. Suppose I said, “But, I’m a Christian and I want to keep my clothes on.” Does anyone think for one minute some judge would give me the right to go in there on my terms?

Or suppose there was an Atheist daycare center for children of Atheists who chose NOT to have their children around Christians for whatever reason they choose. It is their right. What if I as a Christian came in and demanded they gave me a job? No way it would happen.

Let’s say there was some holidayNO, I am NOT advocating such a thing, God forbid — called “bash a gay day“. And someone went into a bakery owned and run by homosexuals, and wanted them to bake a cake that advocated such a thing. Should the bakers be forced into baking it? Would it even happen? Are you kidding me? You know the answer to that.

Who the blank is this judge to even stick his nose in the matter?! He should have told the couple to go find another bakery or make their own cake! I’ve known enough homosexual men to know, there has to be a Betty Crocker somewhere in the mix.

The hypocrisy of the left amazes me. If anyone on the left can be for this and yet not want it done to them, then they are the biggest hypocrites on the earth. Once again, just keeping it real in an unreal world.

And puleeease, don’t come here trying to tell me I hate homosexuals. I have known quite a few in my lifetime, none of which would ever behave like two little cry babies running to government to order someone to bake them a flipping cake! They would have made their own dag blasted cake. And for the record, I have sat with an Aids patient more than once in the hospital when I thought he was dying changing his sweaty sheets every hour or so. The true haters have nothing on me.