Year after year after year same ol’ thing. Like beating a dead horse.

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Linda Doupe was recently found doing her Christmas shopping in a Christian store.

Good luck there.

“Keeping Christ in Christmas is important. It’s his birthday,” said Doupe of Lynbrook.

Uh, no, it’s not. It’s a Pagan holiday.

The Advent Shop in Rockville Centre was packed with holiday shoppers who said they are tired of the commercialization of Christmas.

I get so sick of hearing about the commercialization of Christmas. What does that mean? Everybody stay home and not buy presents? Don’t decorate, don’t sing? Whaaaaat? IT’S A PAGAN HOLIDAY, for crying out loud. They came up with it as one of their own holidays before Jesus had anything to do with it. I still think Jesus has nothing to do with it. Man makes it about Jesus, but Jesus has never endorsed it about Himself.   

“Let’s make the season what it’s really about – it’s Christ’s birth. When you see Snoopy on a lawn and Santa on a motorcycle you say where is Christ in this, it’s Christmas?” shop owner Sarah Ryan said. I just wonder how many UN-religious and secular things this shop owner sells. If she has even one little snowman in her shop, then she is a hypocrite. How does one make it what it’s really about? Go out and buy birthday cakes that say Happy Birthday Jesus? I’m all for people having the freedom to celebrate however they want. It is not my business. And neither is it someone else’s business how or what I do. I happen to think a fat man in a red suit is cute. Scary as heck to a very small child, but I love the colors of red and white and all the fur trim. My mother crocheted me some Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause’s years ago and I treasure them every year. I put up a tree every year — though I say year after year, not doing that again, because of the work involved. Every year it takes longer and longer and less ornaments go on it. But, being the artsy person I am, I happen to like lights and little ornaments. Some a few decades old. Little snowmen, toys, etc. And the beautiful sequined little gingerbread men and candy canes that took me forever to make. I didn’t make them for my health for pete sakes. I like my mantle and bannister decorated. Christmas is the only time I get to see that stuff. And I don’t think I’m going to hell for it. Anyone who thinks so, needs a reality check.

Ryan said she’s sold out of “Keep Christ in Christmas” bumper stickers and more shoppers than ever are looking for gifts for children with religious meaning.

All well and good, and it is their right, but what I want to know from the parents, are you teaching your children the things of God the rest of the year or do you just use one day out of the year to make a point? At least the Pagans live their beliefs all year round. I’ll give them that much.

“They’re saying I want this to reflect what’s important in life and not just a throw away scarf or a 100 sweaters that you don’t need,” store employee Linda Suppa said.

I would much rather have a scarf than someone going onto a Christian bookstore thinking they could choose a book for me. No thanks. Please Lord, let no one give me any of those Christian books out there!!!!!  

It’s a movement fueled by social media and a national Knights of Columbus campaign. Bumper stickers and lawn signs have popped up everywhere. The message: Christmas is not a secular holiday.

Let me say it again: it is a Pagan holiday.

In Rockville Centre, Sean Dolan, the spokesman for the diocese, said parishioners are refocusing on Jesus as the reason for the season.

Seriously, can anyone see Jesus in heaven celebrating His birthday? I mean, what does that look like? Balloons, party hats, a big cake? He and the angels are partying? Really, you think that is going on? If He’s not celebrating it, why should I?

It’s a reaction, church officials said, to the shopping frenzy — the sales, the parties, the decorations often having little having to with the meaning of Christmas.

“I think people feel Christ has been pushed out of the season. Christmas is not about the solstice and winter and snowmen,” Dolan said.

Tell that to the Pagans who originally came up with the idea before the Roman Catholic Church stole it  for the sake of Christianity.    

“When we get into a frenzy that is only about the gifts, we forget THE gift, and that is Christ,” added Patricia Moran, of the Congregation of the Infant Jesus.

Sister Moran said there’s nothing wrong with wishing people happy holidays, but she just says “Merry Christmas.”

I say Merry Christmas too, but am not offended if someone wishes me Happy Holidays or Winter Solstice or whatever.

If you especially love this time of year, at least be honest enough to accept the fact from where Christmas came. God did not ordain it. He did not choose it as His own day. At least admit that much. Seriously, if you love it that much, now, go thank a Pagan.

Just keeping it real in an unreal world.