This poor woman man cried out, and the Lord heard her, and saved her out of all her troubles. — Psalm 34:6 —

I hope no one is offended that I changed the words in above scripture from man to woman. I did so, to make a point as to what personally happened to me thirty eight years ago yesterday. I became a new creation. It was the day I became born-again. Truly born-again. Old things had passed away and all things became new.

The other day, someone left a comment trying to tell me how to do my testimony. Obviously, it was not done right in their eyes. To the best of my knowledge, this person has never visited this blog before and if they have, I have gotten no comments from them, other than the one they left critiquing my writing. Kind of rude on their part. It is like a neighbor who you never met, knocking on your door to tell you they don’t like the color of your house and that you should have painted it a certain color to fit their needs.

But, I won’t let myself become side tracked with such rudeness. Instead I will speak what is on my mind. Yes, my testimony is long. You should have seen it before it was edited. I began writing the events long ago while I was a houseparent in a children’s home. After getting my ten little children from the ages of 2 to 5 in bed at night, I would write in my room. I was in my 20’s at the time and my mind was still fresh from all the events. As I was writing, more than once, I asked myself “where did that woman go?” The woman I was writing about no longer existed. I could not but help be excited for what God had done for me!

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think upon and remember that day of February 9 1976. And if I get a little carried away at times in describing what God brought me out of, it is not only because I rejoice for what He has done, but hopefully it is for the sake of other’s too. By exposing the darkness of what my life used to be: the insanity, the fear and torment, the complete utter sense of hopelessness, I desire to give others a sense of hope for their own life. IF one can look at my life and see the madness before I came to Jesus and any difference He has made today, then my long drawn out words are not in vain. Some people feel alone in some of the things they experience. I know I did. And still do on occasion. Some people would not dare to venture out and bare their soul to another human being for the fear of rejection. But if my being transparent about my past, can help one person feel they are not alone and that there is help, then God be glorified through what He was able to do through the likes of me.

Remember your deliverances and let no one fault you for it. God has made all things new to you.