Blessed be God, who has not turned away my prayer, nor His mercy from me! –Psalm 66:20 —

I know, I tried addressing this issue a few months back,

but since my heart attack, things have been made clear to me.

My first desire for this blog was to be one on the apostasy as I began to see it unfold some years ago. I do not intend to do that anymore. Some of you will be relieved out of me not “touching your ‘anointed’ “ones, anymore. However, there are others out there, who are much better equipped to keep on pressing in, in that area and they with a remarkable ability and anointing of God, will continue to speak the truth, with the same desire I had: Seeing the captive set free from abominable lies of the whore who is pretending to be the Bride of Christ.

They will do it much better than I ever could. They have the right spirit, where I did not. They have the mental facilities to pull it all together. I did not. They won’t rant in a rage, whereas I did.

Some of you still come here, searching out the truth on individuals and I am glad that at least I have that much to offer. However, from here on out, if you need further assistance, please go to these links. I trust them 100 percent to never lead you astray. I will be putting them on my blog roll, for your convenience.

I have removed, still in the process of removing everything on obama and mostly all other articles on politics. I believe these things, along with the loathsomeness I have had about the Apostasy, helped cause my heart attack. In 2009, my main arteries were clear. I’ve spent the past six years full of rage, resentment and hatred, every single day of my life! The thief (the devil) comes  to steal, kill and destroy. No more, will I allow the likes of obama and other men be used of Satan, to try and destroy my life. No more will I let the blatant witchcraft and false teaching in the Church, make me so angry where I can not think, focus or enjoy life. I —  am — done!

More than likely, some of you will find the blog boring now. That’s going to have to be ok with me, as I allow the Lord to do this new thing in me. I refuse to be led and used by Satan as some kind of ranting spectacle, bringing reproach to the God I love and want to serve.

Obama got more attention than he deserved from me. He was not the one who was with me, May 9, 2015, during my heart attack when I was alone. It was Jesus who gave me each breath, each step, each second. Who is man, any man, that he should deserve my attention in such a way I have spent in six years? Shame on me. Only God is worthy.

I also will be changing “The Reason for this Site,” on my page list. I believe God is giving me a second chance to get it right and I want His truth and Spirit to lead me, in all things.

I have been set free. I do not want to go back to that woman, who once ran this blog.

The fire breathing dragon is dead!