Do popes preach the gospel?

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This brother speaks very well what has been in my heart concerning the pope. Hear him.

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No pope has ever preached the gospel and no pope ever will.

Could a genuine Christian man ever work his way up to be head of the Mafia? Will you ever find a Christian man at the top of a crime syndicate?

Likewise, will you ever find a real Christian man as head of the RCC? No.

If Paul the Apostle were here today would he have been elected pope ahead of Francis?

Of course not. Why?

They would hate him with a vengeance because he would preach the true Gospel of Jesus Christ to them and call them to repent. They would accuse Paul of having no love or compassion and of being narrow-minded, and of not respecting their traditions.

If the pope truly got saved and filled with the Holy Spirit he would immediately preach the truth about Jesus and he would testify that Jesus saved him from being an idol worshiper and a necromancer (one who prays to the dead, which is the occult and witchcraft) and that none of the things Catholics do in their religion ever makes them right in the sight of God, in fact the opposite: when they fellowship with and pray to idols they fellowship with demons.

He would tell them that it is by faith alone in the finished work of Christ on the Cross we are saved, and to add anything to the gospel means to forfeit Christ. It’s not Jesus plus Mary, or any rituals and superstitions, it is only Jesus. (If it’s only Jesus then they would be out of business: the whole religion becomes irrelevant)

He would call Catholics everywhere to smash their idols and burn all their magic fetishes.

Do you think that pope would live to see another day on this earth?

But if they would have elected Paul the Apostle as pope that’s what he would do.

But God will destroy the abominations of Rome: And the ten horns which you saw upon the beast, these shall hate the harlot, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire. — Revelation 17:8 —

Is America Babylon?


What if America truly is Babylon? Do we not fit the description of the great whore? Just a thought.


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