Testimony of one who came out from under I.H.O.P.


Involved in IHOP? Involved in the New Apostolic Reformation? You may want to hear the testimony of a woman who came out of it.

She bears witness to the occult mindset and manipulation of this movement. I suggest you may want to send her testimony to anyone you may know who is involved in this stuff.  You can hear her testimony here:


M’Kayla Kelly who Came out of Healing room’s I.H.O.P. (International House of Prayer) and Bethel Church’s N.A.R. (New Apostolic Reformation), will be our special guest and will share how she Escaped Bethel Church! She will also discuss the Ministry the Lord has given her on Exposing this Whole Dark movement! You do not want to miss this program!!!

M’Kayla’s website:http://mkayla.wordpress.com/

Make sure that the light you think you have is not actually darkness. Luke 11:35

The “Jesus Culture” – a petri dish for growing young new heretics?


bzel333: The Jesus Culture Conferences are teaching biblical error. Some biblical errors are more obvious than others. One error that can be hard to detect is the “different gospel” that is taught and preached consistently throughout Jesus Culture’s teachings. It is “Word of faith” and signs and wonders and not at all Christ centered and cross focused. If you are planning to attend a Jesus Culture Conference, I would strongly reconsider attending.

Has Bethel’s ministry infiltrated the City of Redding?


Following article gotten here:


My comments in green to help Bethel followers to understand where your leaders are coming from.

I think it’s a fair question given the mandate Bethel ministries proclaims.

Here’s Bill Johnson...

“We’re to actually bring nations into a place of discipleship before God.  God has a heart for nations to be completely transformed and saved, and we have been given a mandate and an opportunity to really step in to give influence on a national and international level.”

The Lord wants and desires all to come to Him. However, this is not the same thing as transforming the nations. We already know the nations are evil and will continue to be until the end of time. To think otherwise — to believe man or government can change the nations — is Dominion Theology; the teaching that the church has to take over everything before Jesus comes back. THIS IS A LIE. It is also one of an anti-christ spirit, for it is not dependence upon God, but one of a type of humanism and witchcraft of decreeing and declaring this-n-that. I find it interesting that the apostates decree and declare health/wealth, (never asking God for anything) yet in public movements they make a big show of repentence and mercy.   

I would also ask here: Who would be doing the discipling after the nations were brought into a place of discipleship? The answer is clear: The likes of Bill Johnson and other apostates.  

What does Bill Johnson mean when he says “transformed” and how to accomplish this task?

“So that’s the mandate we have, is to raise up people that can infiltrate the systems, to bring the reality of King Jesus, his presence, his power, his order, his government, his structure, his method of life, his method of honor, his treatment of other peoples, to bring that into nations.  And  thats the mandate we’ve been given.”

I — for one — do not sense, feel, believe any such mandate is upon me. Neither do you have such a mandate. The one mandate I do see is to pick up our cross and follow Jesus. A hard thing to do! God is NOT calling us to mandate/force His will on anyone. His will is simple: That no one should perish, but that all should come to repentence. He’s certainly not going to force that upon anyone. 

Well, that is their prerogative to make this attempt to infiltrate systems, an interesting way to say government by the way, as with any other special interest.  But what does that have to do  with the City of Redding?  Mr. Johnson admits that what they are training people to do in the political sphere is to be exported out of Redding.

But what exactly are they exporting?

“My role, your role, this house, is to export it.  It means our job isn’t  to go around telling, just teaching and ministering out of our gift.  Our job is to take what we are experiencing on a local church level.  What we are experiencing on a city wide level.  Taking a portion of that, that’s our message now.”

Hmmm.  How about some more specifics…

Our message is not now just a teaching, our message is now a method that’s been lived out in the culture of our local church.  Demonstrated in the culture of the community, a city.  Taking that piece of it to another place, transplanting it, imparting it to people.

The message is one does not need to be born-again. Just simply fall under the leadership of these apostates. THAT is the true message of these people. They would have us to believe if they can just get their agenda out, then everything will follow according to plan. Their plan, not God’s. 

Now it’s getting a bit more personal, local.  Here’s more…

So were not just talking about a theory, a concept, a principle, were talking about something that’s been tested in the environment of local church and city life.  And that’s what we do.  We’re exporters.  I don’t ever want to change that.  But my heart burns to be able to say, you know what, let’s experiment at home.  Let’s get it working.  Let’s get, let’s get the wrinkles out of this thing.  Let’s get a model that is, that can be duplicated anywhere in the world.  It’s not American culture, it’s revival culture and let’s take it somewhere.

So, if their goal is to export graduates that can infiltrate systems at the national and international level.  To bring revivalist culture to governments, their method is to perfect a shining example, a model to be transported around the world based on their civic work in Redding.

So, my headline is a fair and open question.

Dictionary meaning of Infiltrate: 1. To pass (troops, for example) surreptitiously into enemy-held territory.
2. To penetrate with hostile intent: infiltrate enemy lines; terrorists that had infiltrated the country.
3. To enter or take up positions in gradually or surreptitiously, as for purposes of espionage or takeover: infiltrated key government agencies with spies.
4. To gain entrance gradually or surreptitiously.

In order to infiltrate, don’t you have to pretend to be one thing while actually being something else? Somehow I can not see Jesus, Paul, Peter and the others infiltrating anything. They did things so much out in the open that it got them killed! 

An Escape From Bethel and the False Prophetic


For those who are acquainted with and in the FALSE Prophetic coming out of Bethel, it would do you good to read this. Also for those who are not aware of what is going on within the church.

I found this pearl off my sister blogger’s site:


She had the follwoing to say about it:

Just received this as a comment. Please, if you are involved with Bethel, Crowder, any part of the charismatic/word of faith movement, the healing rooms or the prophetic, check these methods with the word of God. They may seem right, but they are occult at the core. I know this is so because I used to be a part of it all. Praise God for His saving grace!

I really wanted to share my story too as my church in the UK has become well & truly Bethelized, the transition into it has been a subtle & underhanded invasion, swapping of truth for error, what Im posting is about that journey of utter deception & how it gets in.

late 2009- Bill Johnson comes to my town in a big church wide event…. some time after that mtg (I didnt go to it because I really dont like big events) our senior pastor sat down with some leaders & discussed the audacity of bethel people visiting mind/body/spirit./psychic type fairs & setting up stalls that would offer to pray for healing & prophesy over people that would frequent such a place… 1st red flag no gospel preached/ & irresponsible – how on earth do people who are mostly drawn to occult practices discern & distinguish & make appropriate responses to that which is reportedly from a Holy God in that type of setting. ok I know god can reach anyone anywhere anyhow – but his “method” promotes spiritual confusion I believe in people who are dead to sin & lost to HIM.

May 2010: a group of leaders form our church & around the town visit Bethel… they return “odd’ different but not in a good way – immediately there is a lot of praying for individuals in the church by laying a hand on the forehead without the individual’s permission – these leaders just go up & “minister”- shouting & whooooaing in prayer times… also wafting hand movements during prayer times. my ” mentor’ who I love dearly & know very well now exhibits a subtle change in personality & has experienced a range of ill health ever since.
Red Flag 2: the language begins to change – we hear about impartation/intoxication of the spirit & relationship with father/ the work of Jesus on the cross becomes lessend as we focus on a culture of developing the prophetic/miracles & concentrate on being family

we see for the first time the practice of “fire tunnels”

rest of 2010…. we begin to immerse in Jesus culture music – begin preparing plans to launch our own healing rooms.. the “culture of honour” is widely talked about promoted from the senior leadership team.

Red flag 3: even though a culture of honour & doing everything from a place of loving relationship/family is promoted big time – various circumstances present themselves where honour should have been highly practiced – where in fact the opposite could be said

2011- senior leadership from Bethel visit the church. its obvious people form other places in the UK flock to hear the latest word.

healing rooms begins

Students from Bethel BSSM visit the town: we actively see for the first time prophetic art & the interpretation of it in our service time- soaking or what they would call “carpet time” is evident & other new phrases begin to pop into our language

* being whacked by God – get whacked – stay whacked – never go back
* get activated in the spirit/prophetic
* we want Jesus to get what he died for ( in relation to miracles)
* release & freedom become Big words
* Host the prescence
* More More & More

Red flag 3: senior leaders are imparting drunkeness to each other (& everyone else)- rolling around on floor – throwing love/bliss bombs at each other. & stating that they feel so drunk they are not sure how they could drive home. some of the behaviour they exhibit & allow would have been considered demonic & or worthy of discipline 20/25 years ago

present: *church decides to set up its own supernatural school of ministry
* other leaders visit to Bethel & other conferences around the uk & return using odd & confusing language – mostly pointing to the idea that Gods word was for then & the spirit or the flow (of the new wine) is for now
* we go totally overboard on the prophetic – with instruction form the senior leaders to develop, be ready & willing to give a prophetic word to literally anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Red flag 4: the occult creeps in: we now use Bethel’s offering readings ( look it up on their website) when we collect our tithes & offerings – this to me is nothing short of an incantation – a list of demands to get what WE want from God including “divine manifestations” & angelic visitations.
people are encouraged to place a cloth on their head during prayer at HR
& we are also offering people ” spiritual readings” this is where various prayers are written on cards & people are encouraged to randomly select one & have a leader pray over them for fulfillment in that area – just feels like home grown Tarot.

After all of this I have to say IM OUT – they will have my resignation by the end of the week !

I just felt I wanted to post all this so that others can see how this has happened chronologically like a drip drip drip effect of Blurrgh! which has sucked many in