Satanists told us years ago Satanism would creep in the church and they were right


I have had this in my draft folder for a couple of years. I wanted to be able to comment on it, bit by bit, but it is much too long.

Bob Larsen — who I’m not fond of at all — interviews Anton Ley Veys daughter and husband. I think he is her husband.

His guests dispel the many myths about Satanism. How many of us have thought Satanism was devil horns and pitchforks? I think people will be surprised to see just how much Satanism has crept into every area of life the past few decades. Even within the Church. Especially within the Church.

I don’t aim to take anything out of context with my commentary. The video is over an hour long and I found it too time consuming to actually try and take on every detail.

“The Christian media is a dying source …”

“You’ve given up your ideals and now joined the devil’s ranks, which is to entertain people.”

Bob Larsen actually laughs?

“You are now part of the media which is something that the fictional character you base your religion on, Jesus Christ, certainly would not have condoned.”

BL blows off Nickolass. But this guy is right.

“What the 90’s is going to see, is a massive rise to Satanism….because what we are seeing now is the death struggle between Judeo-Christian idea and arcytype of the ancient more satanic archytype.”

“Black magic, I would define as the use of will and ritual combined to create change in the world without any restraint on what that change might be. No hypocritical pretendin that we are appealing to a higher force.”

This is witchcraft. The very same thing that false teachers teach today. If you can not see it, it is because you do not want to. The only difference is Satanists do not appeal to the higher force — being God, to a Christian.

“Do whatever you want to do, but accept the consequences that come with it.”

“What is right and wrong? In our case, we are making up our own reality. We decide what’s right and wrong.”

Church, do you see it? How can some of you sit in churches week after week practicing the very same thing this couple reveals as true Satanism??? Look at some of your teachers and tell me they do not practice the same thing!


Bob Larson Picks on Woman

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I found this very tormenting to watch. Not because I believed the woman had a demon but because I believe Bob Larson put this woman through some unnessary grief.

I’m embarrassed to be of the female gender when I see women this gullible who would allow a man to knock her around all in the name of Jesus. This is a simple case of bullying.

He talks to the demon which upsets the woman. And why wouldn’t it? At some point she must realize she has gone too far in letting this man close to her and she knows she can not back out. He bullies her into further submission by yelling at the demon.

BL uses his Bible to put distance between him and his victim. It is a prop and nothing more. It gives him more power to intimidate because who would dare come against a man with a Bible in his hands? Jesus did not need any props. Demons fled with a word. He didn’t need to back up those he was trying to help.

BL tells the crowd to help him. This is more manipulation making the people feel as if they are part of it. The people are a bunch of lemmings.

This creates more of a sense of alienation in the woman. How could she back out now if she wanted to? She would be accused of having a demon stopping her.

The Bible on top of the head would be laughable if it were not so serious!

I’m guessing the man in the red shirt may be her husband and he seems confused with what is going on. I sense he is being torn between jumping in between the “man of God” and his wife. He looks like he wanted to knock Larson on his butt and he probably should have! If my husband let any man treat me like that, I would expect him to punch the guy out. If he didn’t, I would!

All the touchy feely hugging at the end is enough to make me want to puke. This reminds me of an abusive husband who thinks he can abuse his wife and then she just falls into his arms.

The woman has just been abused but she does not know it. But perhaps she will at some point and I hope and pray her experience with BL does no ever lasting damage to her.

It is the truth that sets free. Not screaming, yelling and bullying. The Jesus I serve would NEVER have to resort to these kinds of theatrics!

Bob Larson, here is a challenge for you…why don’t you go to a psyche ward and try to help some people with real problems or/and to a prison and cast out demons in some really dangerous people?! Shouldn’t be hard to do from an exorist such as yourself. You FAKE.

Woman manipulated and used by Bob Larson


Bob Larson has a reality TV show (The Real Exorist) on him casting out demons. NOW it is hard for me to believe this man is legite at all. The following videos are an interview about a woman’s experience with Bob Larson. Sounds like he is all about putting on a good show and perhaps practices his own version of WITCHCRAFT with all the manipulation he does!

Part 1:

He takes her to a cemetery! WHAT is the purpose for that??? Is it about showtime or is he secretly involved in the occult. Immediately, I was reminded of Jesus’s words: Why seek the living among the dead? So why would anyone take anyone to a cemetery?

Part 2:

BL leads her to believe that she had multiple personalities. Tells her demons come through her through the cemetery.

Part 3:

He plays a cruel prank call asking her, “Have you been to the cemetery lately?” This shows his insensitivity AND a sadistic nature. She had to sign papers before hand stating she could not sue him for anything.

Bob Larson too cowardly to take on bruiser

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I believe the following video speaks volumes about Bob Larson. Most of the videos I have found on him do more with women than they do men. Especially any real macho men that could knock his lights out.

Bob Larson (on the phone) to man who wants deliverance: “I think we’ld like to go after this thing, this afternoon. We’re going to war. We’re going to win this war. Are you ready for this?…Get up for it, get pumped up for it. Whatever you have to do to get your spiritual adrenaline flowing, do it.”

“This man has got barriors…he’s going to find out ways in his mind to not to go into the pain I have to take him into. I’m going to take him into a place of real pain.”

WHAT??? Right here we have typical manipulation coming from who? Bob Larson, the exorist. He intends to lead this man into some kind of event where he must feel some kind of pain. Where are we taught this in the Word of God as a requirement before deliverance? WHERE did JESUS make a person suffer MORE before he cast out a demon? I find Bob Larson sadistic in wanting to take anyone into a place of pain.

The man is wanting BL to cast some demons out of him. BL will not do it becaue the man is “emotionally disturbed.” Uh, well, isn’t that usually the case with demons?

“Profoundly emotionally disturbed. In need of serious professional help.”

I thought that is why he came to BL. So why would BL turn him away? I think it has to do with the man’s size.

I can only guess, but it appears BL had worked with the man at some point, perhaps did not get the results he wanted or needed, left the man with a sense of hopelessness then went about his merrry way.

At the end when the man shows a little temper, BL’s response to him is almost one of setting him up to lose control, even though he speaks calmly. There is something manipulative there.

BL admits his biggest fear was the man doing something “violent.” Well, I guess if that is the case, then you either really have to be good at what you do (casting out demons) or either stop faking people off into believing you have more power than you do!

After BL makes the man leave, I sensed the man was embarrassed and had been used.

I think Bob Larson is a fraud.

Jesus sets Woman FREE on Live radio? WARNING, GRAPHIC SOUNDS

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If I could change the video’s devil images I would. But I can’t.

Bob Larson is the radio host. In videos I find his tactics questionable and intend to research him further. But, IF this is a hoax, all I can say, it is a convincing one.

The sounds this woman make appear to be unearthly and demonic in nature.

Warning: Graphic sounds. If you frighten easily, do not listen. If anyone is able to show this is a hoax, please let me know.

Truth is there ARE demons and they DO inhabit people. I am not convinced that Bob Larson is legite. Yet, this woman is certainly possessed or either able to pull of one big hoax.

More to come on Bob Larson.

Part 2: