One more and I am done


One more and I am done with this guy. One more for those who did not test anything a few years back. One more for those who made excuses. One more for those who have mocked those who have tried to warn the sheep of the apostacy. One more for those who have created a new religion making Jesus look like a laughing drunken idiot through their blashphmeous teachings. Kenneth Hagin gave root to that one.

You can not do it anymore. You are faced with this now. It — is — your — baby. Own it.

As for the godly, those who refuse to bow to the vulgar and lying gospels that are being birthed by the whore, if any of you have children involved in any kind of youth group, you better make sure who and what they are following. “Oh but my child does not follow this,” some of you may say. You may be right. But are you sure? Can you be certain that not even the smallest bit of deception has entered in? Parents, it is up to YOU to teach your children. If you do not, Satan will gladly take them over.

I will not even try to transcribe his filth. To even give this attention, sickens me. But I will only for the sake of maybe some can be warned not to allow themselves to come under this at some time. As for others, may you repent and come out from under it.

What part of God being a HOLY God do people not get? Is anyone so blinded they really think God in heaven is winking at this? The God I serve does not. But the god Brandon serves does.

Repent, Brandon. Turn from this folly and wickedness and be washed in the blood of the Lamb who was slain for both you and me.

BB cuts lose with foul words saying, “If you have a dirty mind, you can’t say it, but if you have a holy mind you can use it…”

Really? What does the Word of God say?

Therefore be imitators of God as dear children. And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma.

But fornication and all uncleanness or covetousness, let it not even be named among you, as is fitting for saints; neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor coarse jesting, which are not fitting, but rather giving of thanks. For this you know, that no fornicator, unclean person, nor covetous man, who is an idolater, has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God. Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience. Therefore do not be partakers with them. — Ephesians 5:1-7 —

Once again, you can find the video by doing a search on Brandon Barthrop Formerly Known as Cuss Words

I can not even post the rest of his description.

But be warned

Proof of what loving a delusion will get you


A few years ago when I first began this blog, my intent was to expose the apostacy within the Church. I have done that. I have put up hundreds of articles. The past few months have brought many changes in my heart. I hear the words of my Father telling me to get my eyes off the garbage both within and outside the church and fix them on Him. He is coming back. Whether He comes back in my lifetime or not, is not the point. The point is, He desires to see souls come to Him, desiring to set people free.

I am called to proclaim the Good News. No longer do I have to shout from the housetops railing against the darkness, as I have done, in my way, in my flesh. This world and the lying abomnible things of this world will pass away, but Jesus — the Truth — abides forever.

Truly darkness has covered the land. Great deceptions in our midst from every arena. From governments, politics, politicians, news media, entertainment industry, and even within what is called The Church. I believe the true Church — the Bride of Christ — must reach a point where we begin to take our eyes off the things of this world and fix them in heavenly places. It has been a very hard thing for me to do the past few years. The filth, the rot, the putrid decay of deception trying to erode away truth, mocking all that is good and esteeming that which is wicked, almost drove me insane. One would think I had never read the Word of God in my life by my total shock and surprise of the evil. After all Jesus warned us what it would look like. But I was shocked. I did not know it was going to so dark, so black, so evil, so wicked, so OCCULTIC.

This morning as I was going through this blog trying to decide what to get rid of or not, (I have way too many catagories, I think) I ran across the catagory of Brandon Barthrop. Some of you may be aquainted with him from a few years back. He and his followers were known for “toking the ghost”, “getting drunk in the spirit” etc. I had prayed for this young man over the years as I am sure many others have. I went to see what is new with him, if perhaps he has begun to walk in a resemblance of truth.

To my horror he has not. He has gotten worse. You can see the devils in his eyes. He has gone from being what some would have called a mere little goofball, to complete debauchery. I will not put his video up. It is much too vile. Yet, this is being esteemed as a “God thing” among those within the so – called church.

He happens to quote — surprise, surprise — Rick Jonyner’s book The Quest. You know the one. The one where RJ taught there was going to be a war in the Church in the years to come against the grays and the blues. The grays being those of us who dared to question their movement, their Jesus they were setting up for us all to worship — like it or not. Here is an excerpt from one who came out of RJ’s teachings:

The grays were spoken of with disdain and derision. Gray represented the brain and those who lived in their minds without regard to the higher life of the spirit. The grays were the legalists, the old wineskins, those seeking to trap and keep God in a box. They were painted as the staunch, stuffed and sterile church that had long since faded into antiquity and outlived their usefulness. It seems to me, looking back, that anyone that opposed Joyner and his teachings was considered a gray and not open to the “moving of the spirit.” The grays, Joyner was quick to tell us would be overcome and destroyed in the fight for the “true” church to evolve to the next level. Of course, in his estimation, the grays would not go quietly into that good night so it might be necessary for us to assist God in finishing up the job. Let me put that in plain English. We would help God kill them. Looking back, it should have been all too clear to me but it wasn’t.

I tried to tell a few people in my personal life about Brandon Barthrop a few years back. They acted as if I should not be judging his behavior, after all, he was able to say the word Jesus out of his mouth. As if that in and of itself is enough proof in one has truly been born – again!

This is pulled off Barthrop’s facebook page and this is mild compared to some other stuff:

“The f…ing ass mother….ing generals of Joel’s mother….ing army are positioned all over the f…ing world. Right on time b…es. F… yea! Truth any mother….ing how.”

If you are interested in seeing what following one delusion after another looks like, you can do a search for his youtube video with the words Brandon Barthrop Cleansing the Temple of God – Judgment in the Church.

But do not say I did not warn you.

To anyone who might be passing through to get a peek at what I’m about these days, and if you are one who is following signs and wonders AFTER WE WERE WARNED NOT TO, if you are one of the ones who have thought me judging, as you have sat and judged nothing except for those of us who are being Bereans, if you are one of the ones who think just because someone can say Jesus out of their mouth then all must be well and good with that person, I CHALLENGE YOU TO GO ON AND GET A GOOD LOOK AT WHAT YOU DEFENDED a few years back. May — you — choke — on — it! The seasoned Christian within the church has allowed these things to happen by putting their seal of approval on it when they dared not question it, for refusing to test all things, for refusing to discern while in search of the latest thing, when they refused to look at it and see it for what it was in the beginning, for not speaking out and warning the younger generation!

Latest Blasphemy: Jesus sex


Some of you may be wondering why I do this — as there is nothing edifying about some of the things I put up. So what gives? It is this simple: Even though I get no joy by posting certain things, (makes me want to vomit) I can not but help believe there are those out there who are still part of the apostate movement in one way or the other. Maybe it will help, if you know that all of these people (Tod Bentley, Heidi Baker, Rodney Brown, John Crowder, Patricia King, Josh Mills, Rick Joyner, etc.) are intertwined together. They endorse one another when they stay silent about the mockery and blasphmey the other(s) commits. If you can still make excuses for a heretic like them, if you can still make excuses for the rest of the body that never questions their behavior and somehow still come out on the side of these deceivers — I WARN YOU. You are walking in a sensual and ungodly manner. One of mockery and blashphemeing the HOLY Ghost.

STOP judging those of us who see it and who are calling it for what it is: creating a jesus in their ungodly image! WAKE UP and run from the wrath to come that will come upon these mockers!

“I just release this heavy drunken glory…nipple that is squirting, sqeezing all over your faces.”

“Drunken glory. Shabby eye nipple heaven. I release it …in a toxicated milk upon ya. In the name of…” (Laughter –BLATENT MOCKERY HERE)

“In the shoobie doobie juice.”

Starting at 3:35 “It’s a release of the drunken glory joy from the intimacy of having spiritual sex with Jesus. A little (Here he makes obscene gestures with his hands simulating sexual intercourse) boinkee boinkee. Hokey pokey, boinkee boinkee with jesus.”

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. God will NOT be mocked!

New Thing: Taking the Lord’s name in vain

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These young people have crossed over to the point where their conscious has been seared. Yet, there will be those who will either approve of their behavior or make excuses for them.

The use of using God’s name in vain is a joke to them.

At one point he even says the raputre is not real.

“Put that iin your crack pipe and smoke it cause you ain’t gonna get itbeing a religious demon. you’re only gonna get it by being a son of god which is a drinker.”

“We’re taking over everything. With the drinking.”

At the end of the video, it shows a drawing of Jesus giving the middle finger!

He endorses Rick Joyner. I take it they know one another. So, if RJ is suppose to be such a man with great discernment, why does he not address this type of behavior and mocking?!

If God is not the one speaking through them, who is? Simple enough; devils. This is vulgar mystism and blatant heresy. Yet, still, there will be some that will refuse to test it or dare to challenge it.

Heretics get “persecuted”? Don’t think so.

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Looks like some little heretics got kicked out of the The Holy Spirit Conference 8/8/09. They want to call it “persecution.” They have yet to see real persecution. They won’t see it because they are conformed to the world.

Amazing isn’t it, how they can flip the finger and call themselves christians and have the audacity to say they are being “persecuted?”

This is a demonic spirit trying to infillitrate the church by pretending to be the Bride of Christ but it is one of a whore.

Amen to the man who took a stand and made them leave!

Wake up, church!

“Be Gay!” You dare not judge this as mockery and blasphemy?!


Ok, if some of us believe this is not God speaking through this young man, then who is? It can not be both God and Satan, so choose one or the other. I say it is devils speaking through him.

Stupid laughing.

“You were born gay. Don’t listen to those Pharisees. You were born gay. You got a right to be gay in Christ…the gayest person in the world. The blood bought son of god, filled with the drunken glory. You’re so gay.” Laughing. “you’re so gay, your gay is contagious.” Stupid spirit. “Oh my god. I crank ya Lord Jeus.”

Snorts, “There’s your glory, Jesus. We’re just gay together. You now all you guys watching this, you’re a bunch of gays. In love with the man, Jesus Christ.” Such mocking of the name of Jesus. If you can not see it, then you are either a coward or want to stay blind!

“Christianity is a bunch of gayness. Don’t listen to those little pharaisees. you can have a gay day every day…in the glory. Just drink, drink, drink. Just don’t worry about anybody condemning you or judging you. The Lord jesus has judged you righteowus and by his own spilt blood made you gay. You’re born gay. Come out of your prayer closet, openly gay.”

More blasphemy and mocking.

At 5:55 “The glory is coming so strong, there is going to be a holocaust upon your demons.”

The glory is not one of God. But one of lying spirits. This is a blatant attack on anyone who would dare question his teaching. I find this a threat to christians. It is a spirit that is calling evil good.

If I say demons are speaking through this young man, then what is he possibly saying here? The demon in him is suggesting a war against the true saints of God, Church! For this young man and those like him have made war with the true Bride with their abomnible heretical teachings.

Though he quotes from Phillipians, it means nothing. The devil knows the Word very well.

He is using the word “gay” as if to use it in the same way as “joy.” It is a mockery, people!

“I pray that you all become flaming gay out there in internet land, in the name of Jesus…flamingo gay, pink with the purity of jesus…I just pray that you be openly gay, unashamed of your gay pride…encourage you to keep toking the ghost…”

WAKE UP CHURCH! Can you not discern the difference between the holy and the profane?! Do not fear testing things by the Word of god. Be a Berean! You are commanded to.

For the record; Tod Bentley, Patricia King, Rick Joynner and all the other great leaders in the star-studded church have yet to come out and rebuke this young man. Rather they encourage it with their silence! So what does that tell you?!

A mocker’s view of true fasting

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Some may not even be able to sit through this. BB teaches us what true fasting is. He snorts the Bible. Takes a “toke” of a little plastic lamb. Their message is as plastic as the little plastic lamb they use to “smoke.”

“Let’s have a hit from the Lamb.”

He takes it and says, “Behold the Lamb.” THIS is mockery!

Ask yourself if you can see Jesus sitting on the throne of God smoking a little plastic image of himself?!

He holds the little lamb between his hands and says, “This little guy is causing revival all over the world. I’m smoking his ear.”

No, Brandon, that is not true. And I love you enough to tell you it is not the truth. The revivals you endorse are as fake and plastic as the little lamb you hold in your hands.

Who told you it was ok to mock and blaspheme the precious Lamb of God?

Repent Brandon, or God will judge your blasphemy and mockery.

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