David Wilkerson: Seizing your God Story


This appears to be one of David Wilkerson’s last writings. Dated April 18, 2011. I put it up in hopes it will encourage us no matter what we are going through.


Dearly Beloved:


“Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Ephesians 5:20).

This matter of giving thanks continually was so important in Paul’s theology that he repeats it three: times. (1) “Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs,” (2) “Singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord,” and (3) “Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Ephesians 5:19-20).

Yet without faith we cannot do this as we ought. We are pressed down by so many problems and distresses. Of course, God does not want us to fake it. It seems to me Paul has given us the key when he tells us, “Do this unto the Father.” The great preacher John Calvin said that such singing and giving thanks is all feigning and hypocrisy unless we are fully persuaded God is our loving Father.

Our mouths quiver sometimes with grief so that we cannot sing. We don’t feel like giving thanks. Dire circumstances shatter our spirits. There are times our hearts cry, “Lord, do you really expect me to sing and make melody when I hurt so badly?” “Lord, I am so burdened down with cares I can barely lift my head.” “Lord, I find it hard to praise and speak hymns in my heart. There is too much fear, grief and doubt.”

So it is not easy to respond to this important truth. And God is not severe with us when we hurt. We are his children. Yet these words are given to help us find solace and relief in just such times. We can become so focused on our difficulties that we lose more than our song; we drift further and further away from God’s eternal promises. That is why, in spite of all we face, our Lord says, “GIVE THANKS ALWAYS.”

I am truly convicted by this word from Paul. I want to face tomorrow determined to sing to my Lord and give thanks for an entire day—for all things, in all things. It may be an inaudible song, or it may be an inner song. It may be weak at first. But there must be power in simply doing it by faith, or Paul would not have repeated this three times.

Oh, that ten thousand reading this message would endeavor to sing along with me! What a joy that would bring to the Father’s heart. We ought to follow it up by resting in the truth that God has heard our cry and is working out our solution every day, even now. So, let us go on giving thanks always—and never stop singing love songs to our precious Lord and Savior.

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In Christ,


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Jesus went up to Jerusalem at Passover and entered the temple (John 2:13-17).
What he saw appalled him. Merchants had taken over the house of God! He came
seeking a house of prayer and what he found was a preoccupation with the
promotion, display, and sale of religious merchandise. The religious leaders
were counting their profits. What busyness! Men of God had become hucksters of
religious merchandise, running about promoting their goods.

Tables had been set up everywhere in God’s house to promote and sell sheep,
oxen, doves, candies, incense, and other merchandise for religious purposes.
Money changing hands made the loudest noise in the house—money that was being
made on God and religion.

What terrible pain caused our Lord’s compassionate heart to boil with holy
anger? His great suffering caused his meek spirit to rage with righteous

Can you picture that moment? With whip in hand, our Lord stormed into the
temple and began flailing in all directions, overturning the tables piled high
with merchandise. He scattered the promoters, the pitchmen, the hucksters.

“Out!” he thundered, “Out of my Father’s house! You have desecrated this holy
place, turning the house of prayer into a commercial market!”

It was one of the most painful experiences in all his ministry but he could not
stand by and permit his Father’s house to become a den for religious thieves.

Are we willing to fellowship with Christ in this aspect of his sufferings
today? Do we share his hurt at seeing God’s house once again being turned over
to merchandisers? Will we be outraged by the horrible commercialism of the
gospel? Will we feel his rage against spiritual hucksterism enough to withdraw
from all such activities? Do we feel his hurt enough to renounce ministries
that grind out merchandise just for the sake of making money?

Can we share his suffering at this point enough to stand against those who
would turn God’s house into a theater or entertainment center for promoters?
Can we grieve over all the profiteering on the name of Jesus? Can we get our
eyes off the cash and back on the cross?

That merchandising of the gospel is anything and everything where men and women sell their wares under the guise of being a blessing to you. The real truth can not be bought or sold. Just as God overturned the tables back in His day, He will do it again. It will be by an economic collapse and the thieves and hucksters within the church will still try to sell you their goods. Instead of buying their books, CDs, I would make a simple suggestion: find someone in need to give to. Not to liars and apostates. The real truth can not be bought or sold.

David Wilkerson: The Vision


This vision was in 1973. Look where we are today.

Part 1:

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Time to wake up BLACK AND WHITE…



Second Coming of Jesus

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Lord come quickly! Oh that your children had the wings of a dove!
I love you Lord Jesus! I love you! Thank you for your loving kindness for it is new every morrning. Help those stand who are called by your Name for this time! Bless them, hold them up by your mighty righteous right hand! Oh Lord, open up blind eyes and open up the ears who have shut their ears! Be exalted in your children, oh Lord God! For you alone are worthy!

Great Sermon: Wake up church!

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Oh how many will pass this one by? Oh God cause us to hear your voice!

David Wilkerson: An Eclipse Of Faith

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May we all long to see each other strengthed and filled with faith andwith His power for the days ahead.

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