A Look Back at the Deceiver Tod Bently


It was the actions and teachings of this man that brought about this blog a few years back. I had heard of him and began doing research. When I confronted his followers with the truth, I was poo pooed. They wanted to say he was of God. When I refused to jump on the band wagon of one of the greatest imposters ever to rise up, I was judged as unteachable, rebellious. I’m sure some of you were too.

I noticed how a couple of pastors I knew at the time, wouldn’t even discuss it with me. Having the “touch not God’s anointed” teaching branded in their being, they could not even allow themselves to search the matter out with me and /or label Tod Bently as a false teacher. Some of you wonder why some of us do not go to church or seek fellowship among you. It is this is the kind of behavior that causes a lot of us NOT to want to follow your teachers, prophets, evangelists, etc. When you refuse to test things along with us, you have shown yourselves too willing to follow every wind of doctrine. Your opinions of men and the traditions you have been taught, have become more important than being a Berean.

About the video: The looks of pure stupidity on the faces alone while Bently is talking how God told him to slap and kick people in the face, should have been enough to warn you that this man was/is a deceiver. You can keep that god of yours who would kick people in the face with their biker boot.

Oh, and if there are some of you who finally came to the conclusion this man was a fake, just admit it to those who tried warning you in the first place. Please do not make an excuse by saying something starts out in the spiritual but then ends up in the flesh. If you do that much, then maybe some of us will start trusting you enough to desire to seek fellowship among you. If not, that is ok. Some of us have learned to be alone with our convictions. We are not addicted to man or institutions made in the image of man.


The Amazing Braco – (The New Age Latest Scam)


This is a New Age version of healing. Much of it is not that different than what we see in the modern day church. To hear these people talk, they are no different than a Tod Bentley.

People actually PAY to have this man come out and STARE at them!

One follower said this concerning the new messiah: “Within 10 seconds, I saw him shape shift.”

Shape shifting is the actual manifestation of demons. We see Hollywood portray it now in many science fiction movies and TV shows. People turning into reptile like beings. I believe this is conditioning us to actually accept such a thing should this occur. Is it possible? I think so. Take a look how times have changed over the past few decades. Do you believe the world is getting more and more wicked? I know it is hard to wrap your mind around this. But I take the risk of being ridiculed in bringing you what I believe will eventually happen on this earth. Evil abounding in such a way, where people have given over everything they are to Satan, and they actually turn into the very creature they worship. You don’t have to believe it. It is just what I believe. But if it should happen, let it be no surprise to you.

Instead of giving the Lord their sufferings, many are now giving their sufferings to the ruler of darkness.

Many will say, “well, if it works, what’s wrong with it?” Plenty is wrong with it. It is not looking to God. It is looking to man. It is trusting in the occult.

(The original video I had, was taken down, so I found another.)