A Look Back at the Deceiver Tod Bently


It was the actions and teachings of this man that brought about this blog a few years back. I had heard of him and began doing research. When I confronted his followers with the truth, I was poo pooed. They wanted to say he was of God. When I refused to jump on the band wagon of one of the greatest imposters ever to rise up, I was judged as unteachable, rebellious. I’m sure some of you were too.

I noticed how a couple of pastors I knew at the time, wouldn’t even discuss it with me. Having the “touch not God’s anointed” teaching branded in their being, they could not even allow themselves to search the matter out with me and /or label Tod Bently as a false teacher. Some of you wonder why some of us do not go to church or seek fellowship among you. It is this is the kind of behavior that causes a lot of us NOT to want to follow your teachers, prophets, evangelists, etc. When you refuse to test things along with us, you have shown yourselves too willing to follow every wind of doctrine. Your opinions of men and the traditions you have been taught, have become more important than being a Berean.

About the video: The looks of pure stupidity on the faces alone while Bently is talking how God told him to slap and kick people in the face, should have been enough to warn you that this man was/is a deceiver. You can keep that god of yours who would kick people in the face with their biker boot.

Oh, and if there are some of you who finally came to the conclusion this man was a fake, just admit it to those who tried warning you in the first place. Please do not make an excuse by saying something starts out in the spiritual but then ends up in the flesh. If you do that much, then maybe some of us will start trusting you enough to desire to seek fellowship among you. If not, that is ok. Some of us have learned to be alone with our convictions. We are not addicted to man or institutions made in the image of man.


More Tod Bently lies


It’s been a while since I put anything up on this imposter. Thought now was as good time as any.

Looks like even Rick Joyner is getting tired of listening to the bull dung. Oh well, too bad, too sad. Joyner helped bring about this heretic. Enjoy, Rick.

If gold falls in the meeting, do they still take up a collection? Just saying.

Bentley: It Rained Gold During Our Revival In South Africa

RWW Blog:Todd Bentley just got back from leading a revival in South Africa during which an angel touched his wife, causing it to rain gold everywhere they went.

Voodoo in the Church


The first four clips show us something called the Harlem Shake that has taken over some churches. It is ripped off from VooDoo.

This is not a new thing. Just packaged differently. It was just a few years we had the following:


Do not think God will not judge this. He most certainly will and those who refuse to come out from among them, will continue to get more delusions upon them. Funny isn’t it, how those of us who tried warning people just a few years back, were mocked and ridiculed and judged — when these are the people who keep getting more deluded, more possessed by demons and hell awaits them unless they repent. For they are worshipping demons and do not even know it! Do they even care?

America has preachers who are leading their congregation straight to hell!

Come out from among them!

The “Jesus Culture” – a petri dish for growing young new heretics?


bzel333: The Jesus Culture Conferences are teaching biblical error. Some biblical errors are more obvious than others. One error that can be hard to detect is the “different gospel” that is taught and preached consistently throughout Jesus Culture’s teachings. It is “Word of faith” and signs and wonders and not at all Christ centered and cross focused. If you are planning to attend a Jesus Culture Conference, I would strongly reconsider attending.

Does repeating something over and over bring it to pass?


Just one more reason I do not go to church. Somehow everyone doing a cheap imitation of the Hokey Pokey is suppose to be a good thing? Sorry. I don’t accept this as worship. Which goes along with a dream I had last night. I dreamt I was in church with a lot of other people. Coming from the pulpit was one big BORING and stupid performance. No God, no Word, no Bible. No prayer. Just one big I wanna be a star show. It was so awful I felt like I would throw up. I stood up and said something along these lines: “This is the biggest bunch of horse malarky I have ever heard. This is deadness.”

The guy behind the pulpit said, “Well, you try putting together a video.”

I said along these lines: “God is nowhere in this. The Bible says the true worshippers would worship Him in Spirit and Truth. He is not here.”

With that I began to walk out as countless others began to walk out. End of dream.

I found the following video through a Christian network I subscribed to. Found it last night, which probably explains the dream I had being more impacted by my sub-conscious than a God thing.

I do not call this worship. I dare call it a form of idolatry. I dare say, Jesus is NOT being exalted, there is no truth to break yokes, as there is no real annointing. Just theatrics and manipulation of a bunch of little sheeple who do what they are told. Which is shake your hands and somehow wave away the yokes. Hogwash.

These young folk are being taught to sing and prophesy things to come to pass. Where is prayer? Prayer takes time and effort, it takes a willing and at times a broken heart. There is a price to pay for prayer. Not so for a cheap imitation of deliverance and freedom.

Actually, it is a form of worship. Worship of music. If you want to call it that. Music, that is.

Pretty sad when the world has much better music than the church. Anyone with any musical understanding at all, knows where I am coming from.

Another video I could not stomach to watch the entire contents.

New Age “Apostles” or Pagans?


It’s not my agenda to insult pagans with the following video. But, let’s keep it real. I am insulted that the church would use pagan tactics to manipulate and spread deception.

As much as I do not go along with Pagan beliefs, even pagans do not go this far with their rituals.

Sadly, this goes on in a lot of churches today. People want to call it worship. I call it theatrics. Christians will sit passively, soak up words, allowing themselves to be hypnotised, thinking this is the Word of God. If you are into this kind of thing, I challenge you, to sit back and take a good look at this and tell me WHY you believe it is of God. I believe it is a bunch of horse manure. We both can not be right now, can we?

Do not waste time telling me I am blasphmeming the Holy Spirit. If anyone is blasphmeming it is those who say they speak for God while being Satan’s ministers who come as an angel of light. Chuck Pierce is just one of many. Deceivers, witches and warlocks in disguise.


More Discernment on angel feathers, glory clouds, etc.


It’s been a while since I’ve put one of these up. It’s self explanatory. So I will not do any open commenting on it. However, feel free to leave comments of your won, except for those who want to uphold the false signs and wonders movement.
I will not post those and will not answer them as the truth is pretty much stated in the video.


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