Testimony of one who came out from under I.H.O.P.


Involved in IHOP? Involved in the New Apostolic Reformation? You may want to hear the testimony of a woman who came out of it.

She bears witness to the occult mindset and manipulation of this movement. I suggest you may want to send her testimony to anyone you may know who is involved in this stuff.  You can hear her testimony here:


M’Kayla Kelly who Came out of Healing room’s I.H.O.P. (International House of Prayer) and Bethel Church’s N.A.R. (New Apostolic Reformation), will be our special guest and will share how she Escaped Bethel Church! She will also discuss the Ministry the Lord has given her on Exposing this Whole Dark movement! You do not want to miss this program!!!

M’Kayla’s website:http://mkayla.wordpress.com/

Make sure that the light you think you have is not actually darkness. Luke 11:35

IHOP is DANGEROUS! Stephanie’s testimony


If you do not know what IHOP is, please watch and be aware. If you do know what IHOP is and are in it, please watch and beware. This is a cult to the core. I can only try and imagine the mind-control she was being forced to swallow. However, she was able to discern for herself. Thank God, she stood and was brought out of it. I wonder how many more families have been torn apart by this demonic cult.


Greater Glory Gathering and a New Angel!

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In light of Patricia King’s new “minty green angel”  (just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day, I might add) we now have the International Banker angel to contend with. Following article gotten here: http://slaughteringthesheep.wordpress.com/2010/03/13/greater-glory-gathering-and-the-angel-named-international-banker/

Mt 16:4  A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. And he left them, and departed.

I want you to get this picture in your mind – you’re sitting in church and the pastor opens the Bible and begins expository teaching.  He takes you verse by verse through the Scriptures and he actually teaches you the Word of God.  It’s a nice picture, isn’t it?  Do you want to see the exact opposite of that?  Keep reading.

Bob Jones had an angelic encounter recently and said that the angel introduced himself as the “angel that was the International Banker.”  I’m thinking this is the angel of finance with a new title, because Rick Joyner relates that instead of introducing himself as the angel of finance, he introduced himself as “International Banker.”  Wow.  Ya know, I’m highly irritated that the Bible failed to mention this specific angel to me.  If it hadn’t been for Bob Jones, Todd Bentley, and Rick Joyner, I would have never even known this particular angel existed.  The nerve!

In this video, Rick Joyner and Todd Bentley announce the Greater Glory Gathering, which is going to be held from April 18 to 21, 2010, at Heritage International Ministries.  They stress that this is not a school and it’s not a conference, it’s a gathering!  Featured speakers will be  Bob Jones, Rick Joyner, Todd Bentley, Ryan Wyatt, and Jason Hooper, and with a lineup like that, it promises to be a real mystical experience!

Conferences, revival schools, and gatherings are nothing new with Joyner; they have them all the time.  The marketing spin they put on each one of them grows more colorful and lively than the one before it.  What’s interesting about this particular “gathering” is that Todd Bentley is saying it was reinforced, or rather inspired, by encounters he has been having recently.  In one encounter, he was digging through some rubble when he found a manual.  It was a manual about God’s greater glory.  What a convenient vision to have right before a “greater glory” gathering, wouldn’t you say?  He then compares it to when Josiah and Hilkiah dug the book of Moses out of the rubble of Solomon’s temple, which resulted in the greatest revival in the history of Israel.

(Insert the power of suggestion here…we will have revival…we will have revival…we will have revival.  God told me (Bentley) in a vision that there would be revival, even gave me the how-to manual, so there’s gonna be a revival, folks!  You just need to believe it and jump on board!  It’s up to you!  Come on!  We can’t have revival without you!)

In another encounter, Bentley was visited by an angel with gemstones in its wings.  This angel stood like a man, was six-feet-two-inches tall, and had wings like a cherubim.  The angel said to Bentley, “I’ve come to speak about finance, and the release of finance and the wealth of nations.”  What an important message!  I mean, there’s nothing else the church needs to hear about more than money!  It’s all according to who you know, and this would be a great contact to have if you’re interested in fronting a global revival!  Revival requires money, and the gem-stone angel is here to make sure the blessing of finance is released… that is, to deceive you into releasing your money and sending it to Bentley.

So, immediately after this angelic visitation, he gets on the telephone with Bob Jones, and Jones said, “Didn’t I tell you the word I had about the international banker that visited me!?”   Rick Joyner interjects, “Yeah, that was a name for an angel.”  Bentley then relates that that was how the angel had introduced himself to Bob Jones – “The angel that was the international banker.”  Joyner then informs us that this angel is over the treasuries of Heaven for the earth, therefore, there will be financial breakthroughs in the form of debt cancellation.

Here’s where it gets maddening.  Joyner goes into a strange interpretation of Scripture where he says that when God showed Moses his back side, He was showing him His stripes on His back, and that’s where people’s financial debt was cancelled.  Those stripes.  Right there.  On His back.  Go ahead and max out your credit card and heap things up to satisfy your fleshly desires – God the Father has those stripes upon His back to cancel your financial debt.  Now, Joyner does say that those stripes were taken to cancel all debt, but money debt is definitely one of them.  This unscriptural interpretation smacks of Oneness Pentecostalism, it isn’t sound Biblical doctrine.  God the Father doesn’t have stripes upon His back, those were taken by Jesus Christ, the Son of God who became flesh – not the Father!

Now, to be fair, Joyner did acknowledge that some people are in the financial shape they’re in because of foolish decisions.  I concur!  But then he and Bentley go on to say that the manifest presence is about more than signs or debt cancellation, it’s about the “glory.”  The glory that’s coming.  Bentley says that in the past they saw gold, angel feathers, and all kinds of signs such as gemstones and diamonds, which was evidence to them that God’s glory was being poured out.   But in this Greater Glory Gathering, it’s God’s manifest presence they’re after – the person of God.  Problem is, Jesus said no one comes to the Father except through Him.  He is the door, and should they try to come up any other way, they are the same as a thief and a robber.  (John 14:6)

So many people are looking for signs, but Jesus said no sign would be given except the sign of Jonah.  As Jonah was three days and nights in the belly of the whale, so was Jesus three days and nights in the heart of the earth.  (Matthew 12:40)  They fail to remember that Jesus said that only a wicked and adulterous generation seeks a sign.  But, those who hear the voice of God’s Son, who follow His words, who walk in His ways, who believe in Him…those are the ones who, like Abraham, believe God, and will have it imputed to them as righteousness.  (Romans 4:3)  What other sign more marvelous can God the Father give us than the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, His Son?  There is none.  Not gemstones, not angel feathers, not diamonds.  It isn’t those things which show God’s glory – God was glorified through His Son!

Those who neglect the Son of God and search beyond Jesus for further proof of God’s glory have completely missed the whole point.  Paul, who truly visited the third Heaven didn’t tell tall tales of glory clouds and gem-encrusted angels, he said this:  “And I, brethren, when I came to you, came not with excellency of speech or of wisdom, declaring unto you the testimony of God.  For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.”  (1 Corinthians 2:1-2)

Outside of that, there is nothing.  May we ever keep our eyes and hearts upon Jesus!


The following comments taken from slaughteringthesheep blog are great  examples of Bereans testing all things:

“Joyner then informs us that this angel is over the treasuries of Heaven for the earth. There will be financial breakthroughs in the form of debt cancellation.”

This debt retirement couldn’t come at a better time for MorningStar in view of its debt. — Ian —


Hey, is this “angel that was the International Banker” mint green ? Methinks he’s visited ol’ Patty King. — Denise —


The angel will be showing up at the gathering and his word will be in line with the word Todd gave when he did his $1,000 sham in Lakeland. I am willing to bet that the promise of wealth transfer will be pushed over and over during this gathering. You cancel Morningstar’s debt and this angel will see all your debt will be cancelled as well.

The more you give the greater your blessing will be. Your influnce with God will also be greater. Man, the suckers still believe this crap.

They deserve to be fleeced to their last penny. — Rick —


If the angel is in charge of the ” treasuries of heaven ” why doesn’t he finagle some way of bringing some of it with him ? And why doesn’t this financial angel teach seed faith to Rick Joyner so Rick doesn’t have to keep taking up collections from the poor people in his audience? That way, Rick can finally be a blessing and give away some money instead of sucking people dry. But then again, maybe these folk are getting what they deserve, just by showing up and listening to these clowns.

By the way, can anyone explain to me why we need treasuries in heaven, the streets are paved with gold for crying out loud. I always thought the real treasure in heaven would be Jesus Christ – oh yeah, they forgot about that !

–Robert —


You know they’ve been priming that pump for years by telling people that blessings come when they open their wallets and give generously. So, now with the appearance of this “angel” (demon), people will think that the outpouring will be commensurate with their giving and so these guys will just take the money (as they always do) and pad their accounts and then tell people how much blessing is coming from their giving and they should keep giving so that the annointing will increase.

I would just remind folks of Simon in Acts 8 who thought that he could buy the ability to bless people with the power of the Holy Spirit and he was directly rebuked and told that he was in the gall of bitterness and in the bond of iniquity. These guys are akin with the likes of Simon the Sorcerer. Perhaps they can get together with Christina Glenn and scream a little louder so that the banking angel will release more funds.

In His service,



After nearly 30 years in the financial services industry, I can tell you from experience that any “angel” name “international banker” is 100% a fallen angel/demon. 2sd2lol
These knuckleheads are bringing the New Age Aquarius eastern mysticism into what passes for the “church.” Alice Bailey and Barbara Marx Hubbard taught extensively about these Luciferian lies (as if they were truth), and we who follow Jesus as Lord, (and no ascended master jesus counterfeit) are the cancer they wish to cut out to save the body of new humans who will be “cleansed” and made into demon motels for the age to come. They all want their way for 2012 and we are holding things up, so we must be removed.
Tribulation, both small and great, are NOT the wrath of God, but the wrath of satan. Jesus said we would see tribulation even as such that has never been seen before or will ever happen again.
God has always delivered His own THROUGH floods, fire, lions etc…some to live another day, some to glory. How many people got on the ark after God closed the door? While the flood was a judgement from God, the Great Tribulation is from Satan….ah but the wrath of God is not for those of us who are in Christ Jesus, be of good cheer saints, He has overcome the world, and so will we who are in Christ Jesus,…martyr means witness, and there are many under the alter spoken of in Revelation.
When we lose our religion about Him based upon the traditions of men, and embrace Him as Lord, we begin to see clearly, and the seeming mysteries of Revelation become clear…but you must allow Him to tear everything not built by Him down, reducing you to Christ Jesus, so He can build on Himself as the Foundation. You can’t hang His Truth on a superstructure of traditions of men…He won’t allow it. Many are called, few are chosen, narrow is the path that leads to Eternal Life, and few there be that find it. The rest are ever learning but never able to come to the knowlege of Truth.

— Mickie —

Hey, if the great Jerry Fall well can’t pull it off, how will a hack like Joyner?


This kind of mularky isn’t just for the charismatic wolf, it is there in the baptist wolf as well. Watch this and be amazed/sickened.


So Bob, you had a visit with an angel..

Gal 1:8 But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned!

(Bob’s also part of the IHOP camp that promotes ‘the god within you’, that promotes Contemplative prayer, that promotes Catholic mystics, and other highly unusual and unbiblical teachings…) Bob, you need to understand that the gospel you are now promoting is one that is OTHER than the one that was preached to the church…

Bob, why was it you left IHOP? What have you done to correct the thing that made you leave? Where is the repentance/change in your behavior, Bob?

Because we can all laugh about the Banker angel and the stupidity of your messages, but in all seriousness, you have a serious problem, Bob.

…and what was that part about teachers having a stricter judgement, Bob?

— Annunk —


I can see it now: “angel International Banker is called before the Senate finance Comittee to explain WHY blessings have not been made as available to poor people as they are to the “RICH”.
I know, this isn’t a political blog, and Chrystal, I hope that you don’t mind my one little joke.
Angels don’t interest me as much as the One who sends them to accomplish His will.
Amongst us former Charismatics, who else rmembers “The Happy Hunters” the husband and wife team which went gaga over angels? They couldn’t butter their toast in the morning without some angel handing them the marmalade. (kidding. barely) — Doug —


Hmm…international banker. Not so inspiring a title considering the fallout and crash of our economy. I think I prefer “minister of finance” it has much more class. For those truly desperate for a breakthrough in debt, our government offers a legal and relatively quick solution – bankruptcy. It may not be the wild ride of “breakthrough” that Toddie and Bobo promise, but it’s a sure thing. You won’t need to chant or stand on your head or listen to sheeka boom ba, just see an attorney. And 6 months later – BAM – you’re outta debt! More miraculous than gold dust! — Mkayla —

IHOP Red Flags


Following article gotten here:


There were many, many experiences that made me do a double take and say “what?” while I was at IHOP but that internal questioning was quickly explained away or rebuked by internship leaders. Once I began to deviate from IHOP’s teachings and study scripture on my own for answers to the internal conflicts I wrestled with, I began questioning the pseudo reality I had been conditioned to embrace. Suddenly I saw the isolated red flag incidences as a seamless pattern of error and the veil of deception fell. I stopped rationalizing and justifying. Enough was enough and I was done and wanted out.

There are much more personal experiences than I can put into one single blog post, but here are a few I still recall pretty strongly.

1. Mandatory fasts which made me very physically ill. They would never admit to having “mandatory” fasts but when you don’t have any food available, close down the kitchen, give your cook the day off and don’t allow interns to hold jobs (so that they have money to go buy food if they aren’t participating in the fast) then that is called mandatory.

2. Being practically held hostage in the prayer room and told that it was required that I be there and I was not allowed to leave even though I did not feel well and wanted to go back to my apartment. I was told I needed to stay in the prayer room to be part of the “corporate anointing” and that I shouldn’t leave. It was one of my “required” prayer room sets as an intern so I spent the remainder of that 2-hour set in one of the side prayer rooms in the back sobbing on the floor because I wanted to leave so badly and our internship leaders were standing by the door. You might ask “why didn’t you just force your way out and leave anyway?” When you are part of cult where free, independent thinking is not condoned when you don’t comply with what is expected of you, very often guilt, manipulation and penalties are instated for those who resist. Interns who didn’t follow “the rules” of the internship were penalized through loss of privileges (such as loss of your day off, having to do extra work/manual labor, etc.)

3. The grip of control and micro-management increasing: greater demands and restrictions on interns (such as increased pressure to fast more to attain a higher pinnacle of spirituality) being told where we had to sit when in the prayer room, taught a model for how to pray, how to dance, sing, etc. Any form of worship outside of this model was not considered to be acceptable. It had to fit IHOP’s style and method to be admissible.

4. Mandatory journaling assignments which we had to do weekly and then we had to turn in our journals to be read by internship leaders

5. Seeing how controlled the prayer room was. Rather than having freedom to express my heart to the Lord, I was put in a box and told how I had to do everything IHOP’s way. I had reading and writing assignments whenever I was in the prayer room.

6. There was no alone time ever to really think, reason, test, question or process anything. We were run ragged from sun up to late into the night which always left me exhausted, depleted and burnt out.

7. Once when I got sick, my mother came to pick me up and internship leaders resisted letting me leave with her (even though she lived in town). My internship ‘com leader’ (short for community leader) objected and still impressed upon me the importance of going to the prayer room even though I was too sick to get off the couch. My mother said “she is my daughter and I’m taking her home and taking care of her. Period.”

8. The more leadership responsibility I was given as an intern, the more I got peeks into the “inside”. I saw the outer fringes of the internal operations of how IHOP functioned. I was on an IHOP dance team and sang as a chorus leader on a few worship teams. To dance, I had to follow a specific model that IHOP required. To sing, I had to attend the briefing/de-briefing meetings before and after each worship set where I saw first-hand how carefully controlled that the seemingly “spontaneous” aspects of worship were carefully calculated and often planned ahead of time.

9. Another intern got deathly ill and it wasn’t until she ended up being hospitalized that internship leaders took seriously the fact she was sick. They accused her of faking an illness to get out of attending IHOP classes and time in the prayer room. This was told to me directly by that intern.

10. If I wanted to go anywhere off IHOP property (even to go see my family who lived in town) I had to notify internship leaders of my whereabouts at all times. I had no autonomy or freedom as an individual. Some leaders who were 19 (but were former interns which gave them elite status) were telling me where to be, what to do and when I was expected to be home. I had to answer to them for everything. I was in my early 20’s and had lived on my own before so the feeling of suffocation and having no personal rights to space, privacy, independent thought, etc. was overwhelming.

There is much more but I think that’s a sufficient start to at least give you an idea of some of what was happening when I was at IHOP. It wasn’t until after I left that I began to see far more than I had been able to see when I was still involved. The casual observer on the periphery won’t necessarily see the reality of all that is happening there because they are seeing the veil that IHOP has built to carefully cloak the truth of a lot of what really happens.

After I left, I realized how worn out and exhausted I was in every way imaginable. I spent days and weeks sleeping and physically healing from the trauma of the experiences I had just come out of and to let my body heal from the fasting and sleep deprivation. It took a long time for me to really start healing emotionally and spiritually and to begin putting pieces together. Recovering from mental and spiritual abuse like that is a hard road and a difficult place to come out from. I did months of research after I left IHOP and the immediate dust had settled. I wanted to see the roots of the giant beanstalk that had sprouted up and choked the life out of everything in me. I started going back as far into the history of IHOP as I could. As interns we were required to listen to 18 hours of audio CDs recapping all of the history of IHOP and the “prophesies” that led to it’s starting. I started researching on the internet about the names of the so called prophets of this movement and what they had come out of. That led me to picking apart a very carefully woven web of key players that all were connected to this massive organization.

I shared with one parent who e-mailed me about her own child at IHOP the importance of praying that the Lord will open their eyes not only to see, but to recognize and identify the red flags of IHOP. The thing is, they are probably already seeing them, but rationalizing and excusing them away as isolated events rather than viewing them as a destructive pattern. I pray that the Father will show those there who are truly seeking him the pattern of red flags…making them so obvious they can no longer ignore them.

My hope is that the young people there who are much like I was will begin to question what they see and compare it with what the scripture actually says…not how Mike Bickle twists and teaches it…and that they have the courage to identify it and reject it. Those who oppose IHOP and speak out typically experience some kind of consequences or backlash. People are a commodity there. They are traded. When wounded ones leave, IHOP leadership doesn’t sweat over it…new and unsuspecting people who are ignorant of their dangerous devices but are hungry for emotionally-driven experiences and spiritual highs will come back in the same door the others left. It’s a revolving door of deception.

The deceptions of IHOP are treacherous and very real. Did God use that place in my life and work together for my good the devastation I experienced? Absolutely. But that is a testimony to the goodness of our God…not a stamp of approval on a place. Remember he spoke through a donkey and a burning bush. That doesn’t mean we should glorify donkeys and start worshiping bushes.

My desire is to see people set free to live lives of healing and wholeness…walking in genuine love and pursuing truth. My prayer is that the things you read here inspire you to that end.

RedeemedHippie:[Thank God this young person was set free from this cult. May many more come out and may the Lord use her to snatch many from this cult.]