Mormonism is not the problem — Lukewarm Christianity is the Problem


Recently someone made the comment on a social network that Mormonism is more dangerous than Satanism. I have to disagree. Satanism — a religion that teaches self-indulgence, points to self, makes up your own rules for each individual, each individual doing their own thing with no absolutes– is more dangerous in my opinion. With that being said, America is already practicing Satanism. However, if you want to talk about the danger of a Mormon revival in the land, then yes, that is dangerous. Very dangerous.

I may be wrong, but I suspect that if Mitt Romney gets in the Whitehouse, there may be a Mormon revival of sorts. People who have had no religion or Biblical knowledge, perhaps liking his values of decency, hard work and personal responsibilty, may look upon the man and decide to take on his religion. This would be very deadly for any of us who believe that Mormonism is NOT the true Gospel, but one who has it’s roots in golden tablets, an angel named Moroni and a false prophet named Joseph Smith. No one and I mean no one can believe the Bible is the absolute Word of God and embrace Mormonism as the truth of God. It is not possible.

Even so, the bigger problem still is not Mormonism. The problem is lukewarm Christianity that refuses to look deception in the face and call it out. This will be the greater danger. When/if Christians fail to speak the truth, they have compromised the truth. Making it of little importance and thus helping many to enter hell with a false gospel.

Don’t be a Joel Osteen.


Who is deciding what you believe? Oprah, Joel Osteen or GOD?


The world and the church are being indoctrianted for what will be the new religion one day. Lucierferism, Satanism, Secularism, Humanism. A “religion” with no absolutes. Other than the one absolute they teach which is all roads lead to God.

Who is your teacher? The likes of Oprah, Joel Osteen or God?

Do not be afraid to test this. Just make sure God’s Word is your plumbline. Anything else, will lead you astray.

Know this: who and what you believe does determine where you will spend eternity. So which is it? The ear-tickling star-studded sugar coating liars of today? OR GOD? Your choice. 

Think not that you have a problem with me, if you refuse to see the truth. Instead, you have a problem with God.

Joel Osteen’s other gospel

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By Tom Flannery

Are we all born basically good, children of God by birth?

If you listen to the hugely popular happy-talk preacher Joel Osteen, the answer is yes. But if you read the Bible, it’s a definitive “No!”

During a recent interview on CNN with Piers Morgan (he’s the new Larry King), Osteen assured a worldwide audience that we’re all born children of God, so we’re all basically good in our nature.

This includes Adolf Hitler, by the way, a man personally responsible for the Holocaust where millions were systematically murdered and World War II where tens of millions more perished.

Osteen told Piers that he couldn’t explain Hitler’s monstrous evil, but he’s sure he wasn’t born that way. And if Hitler was born good, then so too were Stalin, Mao and all of history’s other mass murderers, ethnic cleansers, serial killers, child rapists … well, everyone.

Yet the Word of God tells us the exact opposite is true. The Bible declares that all of us have sinned throughout our past and continue falling short of God’s standard of righteousness in our present (Romans 3:23). Isaiah 53 reveals that we have all gone astray like wayward sheep and have “turned, every one, to his own way.”

Therefore, Psalm 53 says God looks at all mankind and declares: “Every one of them has turned aside; they have all together become corrupt. There is none who does good; no, not even one” (emphasis mine).

Indeed, when the rich young ruler called Jesus “good,” He responded: “No one is good but God” (Luke 18:19). The young man didn’t have the spiritual insight to understand that Jesus is God, so the exchange ended there. Still, Jesus made it clear that only God is good, and no human being meets that lofty standard.

Jesus told us that we must be perfect, even as God is (Matthew 5:48). This is God’s standard of goodness – absolute perfection. This has been called Plan A for salvation. As someone once remarked: “Thank God for Plan B,” which is salvation by God’s grace through faith alone in Christ’s finished redemptive work on the cross for us (Ephesians 2:8-9, Titus 3:5, etc.).

We consider ourselves good because we compare ourselves to other people, and we can always find someone worse than we are. Scripture describes those who “commend themselves” (for their goodness, good works, etc.) as being the ones who “measuring themselves by themselves are not wise” (2 Corinthians 10:12).

That’s because Charles Manson is not the standard by which we’re measured. Neither is the guy down the street who gets drunk and beats his wife. Nor any other person. The One we’re being measured by is Christ Himself, who is good because He lived a perfectly sinless life – in His actions, words and thoughts. Anything less than that is unacceptable to a perfectly holy, perfectly just God who cannot tolerate sin (Habakkuk 1:13). He can only punish sin.

Of course, as Piers pointed out in questioning Osteen about his elusive views on homosexuality, the perpetually smiling preacher doesn’t have a whole lot to say about sin. In fact, hardly anything at all. Nor does he like to delve into such issues as eternal judgment or the reality of hell. They’re “too negative.” They bring people down.

Yet these are the very issues God most wants us thinking about and dealing with, for the Bible says His Spirit is in the world with the express purpose of convicting all mankind “of sin, righteousness and judgment” (John 16:8). Sin because it’s our sin that separates us from God; righteousness because there’s a righteous standard we all fall infinitely short of meeting but which Christ has attained for us, and offers us as a free gift when we trust in Him alone for salvation (John 3:16, 3:36, etc.); and judgment because apart from trusting in Christ alone, we have nothing to look forward to but eternal judgment.

This doctrine of original sin (for which the whole world already stands condemned before God) lies at the heart of the gospel message Christ said should be proclaimed by His servants throughout the world until He returns.

But if we’re all children of God from birth, then why bother with such dour material? That’s clearly Osteen’s position, although here again, God’s Word says something completely different.

According to the Bible, none of us is born a child of God. Instead, we must be adopted into His family (Romans 8:14-15, Galatians 4:4-7, Ephesians 1:5-6) by trusting Christ. Scripture explains that believers are “all children of God through faith in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:26); we “become children of God” when we accept Christ by faith alone (John 1:12, emphases mine).

Because the scourge of sin entered mankind through the Fall of Man in the Garden of Eden, we all have a sin nature. This means we are born separated from God and can only be saved by means of a second (spiritual) birth (1 Peter 1:23). As Jesus put it: “Unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. … You must be born again” (John 3).


Joel Osteen and other so-called “prosperity preachers” are directly contradicting God’s Word on the fundamental tenets of the faith, opting instead to preach a message of worldly riches and continual temporal blessings. They have forsaken the one true gospel to proclaim a false message, a “different gospel which is really no gospel at all” (Galatians 1:6).

This “other” gospel won’t save you, but it does make preachers filthy rich, tickles the ears of their followers and fills football stadiums with people willing to give until it hurts (so they, too, can cash in, you see).

It’s a far cry from the One who said: “My kingdom is not of this world.” But when there’s so much money to be made in this life, who wants to wait for eternal blessings and rewards in heaven?

That would be such a total downer!

Joel Osteen’s New Age Life Now?


By Brannon Howse

“Whatever you conceive you can achieve.”

With this favorite karma-changing promise, New Agers believe you need only use the “unlimited” power and consciousness of your mind to bring about all your dreams, desires and wishes.

Cloaked in a “Christian” package, Joel Osteen’s Your Best Life Now, bears an uncomfortable and dangerous similarity to this most popular of New Age claims. Sample a few of the Osteen versions:

• “You will produce what you’re continually seeing in your mind. If you foster an image of defeat and failure, then you’re going to live that kind of life. But if you develop an image of victory, success, health, abundance, joy, peace, and happiness, nothing on earth will be able to hold those things from you.” (page 5)

• “You must conceive it in your heart and mind before you can receive it.” (page 6)

• “You must look through your ‘eyes of faith’ and start seeing yourself as happy, healthy and whole.” (page 15)

• “What you will receive is directly connected to how you believe.” (page 22)

• “We receive what we believe.” (page 72)

• “Learn how to conceive. Keep the image of what you want to become in front of you. You’re going to become what you believe.” (page 81)

Osteen now travels the country, packing out stadiums with his happy-talk. But I’d like to see Osteen pay a visit to China, preach his “your best life now” drivel, and see how Christians there respond. Let Osteen look into the eyes of Pastor Lei who has been repeatedly arrested and beaten for preaching the Word of God in his church-a church not licensed by the Chinese government. How would the American’s best life work out for Pastor Lei and his congregation? Perhaps their jail time for the Gospel would give them time to assess Rev. Osteen’s claims.

Perhaps when and if these false teachers spend some time in jail themselves for just being a Christian (that is, if they truly are), they will see the error of their teaching. But for now, why should they preach anything different? It has made them rich by fleecing the flock of God!

Have these and countless other persecuted Christians been beaten, jailed and murdered because they “received what they believed,” or did these terrible things happen to them because they did not “develop an image of victory, success, health, abundance, joy, peace, and happiness”?

Were eleven of Jesus’ disciples martyred because, “they received what they believed”? Were the disciples living under a “curse of poverty and defeat” as Osteen says of so many? Here’s a role call of questions I’d like to ask Mr. Osteen. Why is it, Joel, that:

• Paul and Matthew were beheaded?
• Barnabas was burned to death?
• Mark was dragged to death?
• James, the less, was clubbed to death?
• Peter, Philip, and Andrew were crucified?
• Thomas was speared to death?
• Luke was hung by the neck until dead?
• Stephen was stoned?

How would these disciples take to the best-life message?

Yes, I know. Joel’s promises sound so much better to American ears than all those warnings of Jesus about being hated by most people for His sake. But it remains that in large measure, Joel’s offering can be described as nothing less than blasphemy. On page 36, he claims, “God has a big dream for your life.” On page 56: “God sees you as a champion. He believes in you even more than you believe in yourself!” And on page 110: “God has confidence in you.”

Let it be said: God is not impressed with any thing or any body. The ONLY thing that impresses Him, is His Son. Jesus and Jesus alone, is the sweet smelling aroma before the Lord.

Osteen does not provide a single Bible verse to back up these statements…because there are none. Nowhere in the Bible do we read that God believes or has confidence in us. He loves us, but does not believe in us. On the contrary, He knows all too well how unbelievably fickle and untrustworthy we humans actually are. It’s not like Joel describes on page 57: “Believe it or not, that is how God sees you, too. He regards you as a strong, courageous, successful, overcoming person.”

Furthermore, God does not define our success in materialistic terms as Joel does. God is interested in our obedience above all. On page 63, Joel writes:

As long as you are pressing forward, you can hold your head up high, knowing that you are a “work in progress,” and God is in the process of changing you. He’s looking at your last two good moves.

Joel, where in the Bible do you read that God is not looking at our last two bad moves but our last two good moves? Isaiah 64:6 says that even our righteous deeds are like filthy rags or wickedness to God because He is so holy. Even if God did look at our last two good moves, He would still see filthy rags.

Or how about this Osteen gospel gem from page 95:

“Be the best you can be, then you can feel good about yourself.”

Where in the Bible do we find this teaching? What if your best is getting drunk just once a week instead of twice a week? Should you still feel good about yourself?

But wait. I’ve saved Joel’s most outrageous statement for last (drum roll please). On page 144, Joel elevates us to the heavenlies by pointing out that “You may even need to forgive God.”

Whoa! And exactly what would we be forgiving God for? As I recall, forgiveness is for sins-or at least mistakes. But which of those has God made? Not a one according to any Bible I’ve ever read.

Oswald Chambers offers a perspective on the kind of thing the Osteens of the world do to Christians: “Satan’s great aim is to deflect us from the center. He will allow us to be devoted to the death to any cause, any enterprise, to anything but the Lord Jesus.”[1] Hebrews 13:9 instructs us to not be carried away by all sorts of strange teachings (deflected from the center) but sadly, that is exactly what is happening for many at the hand of Joel Osteen.

Instead of pursuing our best life now, we should pursue the things of the Lord so we can have our best life later. I fear that for many who follow Joel’s false teaching, this life is the best they will get. The false gospel proclaimed by Joel Osteen and accepted as truth by millions may allow many to achieve what they can conceive of the things in this world, but true to Jesus’ promise, they may lose their souls in the pursuit.

Joel Osteen vs. Paul Washer and PERSECUTION


I’m sure this will make some people angry. But, they both can not be right now, can they? I don’t think so. Decide for yourselves which Gospel is the truth for all nations, especially among the poorest and the persecuted. I think the answer is simple.

If the world loves the people you esteem in the church, be careful. Because Jesus said we would be hated for his Name’s sake. Does the world love your teachers or do they despise them?

Still have trouble knowing which gospel is true? Then watch the following.

I’m not the only one thinks Joel Osteen is a coward


I’m not the only one who has doubts about what kind of truth Osteen believes. For those who think Joel Osteen and his beliefs are some how “ok,” article gotten here:

What religion is Joel Osteen?
By Joseph Farah

Sometimes I get confused watching these mega-church preachers.

Are they reading the same Bible I’m reading?

Do they really have an intimate relationship with the same Jesus I know?

Is the Holy Spirit actually working within them – providing the kind of discernment He promises believers?

These questions came to mind while watching Joel Osteen and his lovely wife, Victoria, on CNN’s “Larry King Live” last week.

Is this the new face of American Christianity? Is this why Jesus died on the cross and was resurrected? Is this the Good News? Or is this some other religion altogether?

Admittedly, Osteen ticked me off right out of the gate by praising Barack Obama: “Well, I think he’s doing a great job. I’m impressed with his skill, his calmness, his just strength under pressure. These are tough times for him.”

Actually, no. These aren’t tough times for Obama. He’s having the time of his life. He’s partying it up and eating $100-a-pound beef in the White House. We should all face such tough times. Maybe that’s how the mega-wealthy Osteens define tough times. But I submit to you it is the American people who are suffering – not the Obamas.

But the interview actually went downhill from there.

King pointed out that many Americans are still confused about Obama’s religion and asked, “Does it matter?”

“Well, it matters to me,” said Osteen. “It matters to me that I know he loves the Lord, and I think it’s important that he has convictions from his faith. So to me, it matters when I’m making my personal decisions.”

Mrs. Osteen weighed in, too: “It does. It matters to me. … I believe he is a Christian.”

Now, let’s stop right there for a moment of reflection.

How do we know someone else is a believer? Is someone a Christian simply because they proclaim to be one? The Bible tells us we will know them by their fruits. I wonder what fruits the Osteens are seeing that would suggest to them Obama is a Christian?

In John 14:15, Jesus explains, “If you love Me, keep my commandments.”

Now, I won’t run through all of the Ten Commandments, but let’s stick to just one – the eighth: “Thou shall not steal.”

Not only is Obama stealing wealth from Americans today, he is stealing from our grandchildren – and our great-grandchildren!

But maybe that commandment is not in the Joel Osteen New Living Translation of the Bible the Osteens were hawking on the King show.

I don’t know about you, but I would like to see some real holy men in America stand up like the prophet Nathan and hold people – and especially our leaders – accountable to the Word of God.

Is that too much to ask?

America is going down the tubes fast, and the new faces of Christianity are playing patty-cake. They’re acting like the latest self-help gurus.

We need some wisdom, and we’re just not getting it from these lukewarm pretenders.

Now, look, I don’t care if Christian pastors want to keep their heads in the sand and protect their precious 501(c)3 corporations by avoiding politics altogether, as most of them do. But when they stand up on national television and proclaim Obama is a Christian and doing a good job, I have a real problem with that.

It’s a lie.

Obama is breaking his covenant with the American people every day. That covenant is the Constitution of the United States.

The Osteens cannot even stand up for the institution of marriage without equivocating.

True followers of Jesus win converts when they show people their sin and explain the consequences of sin. They don’t soft-pedal it. They’re not afraid of offending people. We can pretend to love everyone and watch them go right to hell. That is not the kind of love my messiah showed. And it is not the kind I expect to see from ministers of the Gospel.

RedeemedHippie>>>[Mr. Farah, may I say that the reason you do not see the true gospel among most of todays’ ministers, is because most are not the truth at all; but star studded idols in a star struck idolizing church. These ministers are cowards to the truth.]

Osteens said WHAT?!


I have had it with wimpy christianity. You know the type; the kind that smiles and looks attractive while appeasing liars and deceivers, the kind that calls evil good for the sake of peace, the kind that never confronts evil–because it just might hurt someone’s feelings; or not sale their new Bible.

I’m talking about the Osteens whom Larry King interviewed. Part of sickening transcript follows:

Larry King: Since you were last on, we have sworn in our first African-American president. What are your impressions [of Barack Obama]?

Joel Osteen: Well, I think he’s doing a great job. I’m impressed with his skill, his calmness, his just strength under pressure. These are tough times for him.

King: And you, Victoria?

Victoria Osteen: I’ve been really impressed. In fact, I’ve been impressed [with] the first lady. She stepped up, and she’s done a remarkable job.

RedeemedHippie>>>[Remarkable job? Impressed? Such  appalling appeasement! What part is great? The part where Obama is leading this nation down the road to socialism? Perhaps, it is where he believes having a baby out of wedlock is a punishment? How about Obama being the most liberal advocate of abortion? Is it great that he wants to force all doctors to give abortions?

What on earth is wrong with today’s christianity?! Whyoh why do those in the star studded American Idol church not speak out against evil and wickedness? I can understand not wanting to rock the boat, (though I don’t agree with it) but for crying out loud DON’T GO ON NATIONAL  T.V.  AND DECLARE LIES! DON’T WATER DOWN THE GOSPEL JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE AFRAID OF NOT BEING ESTEEMED BY MEN!

King: Recent polls show 12 percent of Americans still believe Obama is a Muslim, and 35 percent say they don’t know his religion, but to most of them it don’t matter. Should it matter?

Joel Osteen: Well, it matters to me. It matters to me that I know he loves the Lord, and I think it’s important that he has convictions from his faith. So to me, it matters when I’m making my personal decisions.

King: Does it matter to you, Victoria?

Victoria Osteen: It does. It matters to me. … I believe he is a Christian.

RedeemedHippie>>>[What kind of discernment do these people have?! Are they truly lacking in it or are they such appeasers that they would dare to compromise the truth for their own gain? Either way, people need to be warned about these cotton candy gospel milktoasts.]

King: The “Hope for Today Bible.” This is a new Bible [from you]. How is this different from other Bibles?

Joel Osteen: It’s a living translation of the Bible, which is an easy version to read. And then it’s got our notes besides certain passages. And it’s just to help people maybe to understand the Bible a little bit easier.

RedeemedHippie>>>[Ah, there it is. Hocking their new Bible.]

Victoria Osteen on the Word of God and being a christian : I’ve lived out to the best of my ability the Word of god and. He’s uh, it’s just blessed my life. It’s been a great standard to live by. I think, you know what, it has put love in the inside of me, it changes me…”

Larry King: It works for you.

Victoria: It works for me.

Redeemedhippie>>>[This is such New Age mindset. Not to say watered down. Anybody anywhere can point to anything and say it works for me. The pagan can say their beliefs work for them, the hindu can say their beliefs work for them, etc. The gospel is not a matter of something working. What if it doesn’t work for someone, then is it flawed? No. It is not a means to an end. But this is exactly what the modern day church uses it for. Not once was Jesus mentioned in saving her soul. Something no other belief can do. For shame! Not once was the truth mentioned about being a rotten sinner saved from hell. This gospel does NOT work in Africa where thousands are starving, it does NOT work in nations where brothers and sisters in the Lord are in prison for the truth faith. Repent for this false gospel you preach! Osteens

King: Do you think that eventually many more states are going to allow same-sex marriage?

Joel Osteen: You know, I don’t know where it’s all going … I’d love to see it stay between a male and a female, not knocking anybody else.

RedeemedHippie>>>[Does not know where it is going? The Word of God says in the last days evil will abound. How can he not know where it is going?! Not knocking anybody. In other words; do your own thing, I don’t care about your soul enough to tell you it is wrong.]

King: Supposing there were more states that had it. What would be the harm? If this continues do you think this will harm things?

Joel Osteen: Will it undermine the basis of society? I don’t know…

RedeemedHippie>>>[He doesn’t know?! 1 Corinthians 10:6-8: Now these things became our examples, to the intent that we should not lust after evil things as they also lusted.  And do not become idolaters as were some of them. As it is written, “The people sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to play.” Nor let us commit sexual immorality, as some of them did, and in one day twenty-three thousand fell.]

King: In the new issue of Newsweek, the lead story by Jon Meacham is “The Decline and Fall of Christian America.” Just off the premise of that headline, do you accept that? That Christian America is in trouble?

Joel Osteen: I’m trying to think where he’s coming from. … I see faith in America at an all-time high.

RedeemedHippie>>>[Really? Jesus said He will wonder if there is even faith on the earth when He returns. So how can faith be at such  an all-time high on the earth? There isn’t. Rather there is apostacy and wickedness abounding.]

Joel Osteen: …People are hungry for hope, hungry for faith.

RedeemedHippie>>>[There is a difference in hungering for truth and Jesus over hope and faith. The Osteens never once addressed this.]

King: What do you make of these mass shootings?

Joel Osteen: You know, it’s really sad. People get deranged. People get confused. … I believe there are dark forces in our world. There are evil forces that, unfortunately, we can give into. And some of it is just from depression, just that mental illness.

RedeemedHippie>>>[He does not call it sin.]

King: Do you pray for them, Victoria? The shooters?

Victoria Osteen: Oh, absolutely. You’ve got to pray for them. They’re obviously tormented. They’re deceived and not cherishing life. … So yeah, we do pray for them.

RedeemedHippie>>>[Not cherishing life? As in murdering their victims or as in not loving your life as her book is all about? If they would just love life they would be ok? Why do you not call it as it is? Wickedness and sin!]

King: We’ve had a mass depression in this country, recession. Do you think that might be at the core of some of these things?

Victoria Osteen: I think it is. When you’ve lost your job and you’ve just been beaten down and you don’t see any future, it’s easy to start letting those negative thoughts play. … You don’t have anything to live for. It’s never going to get any better. And I think that if you don’t watch it, you’ll just spiral down and down and down.

RedeemedHippie>>>[No! Negative thoughts have nothing to do with it. Being a rotten sinner on your way to hell has everything to do with poeple shooting people. Mankind is depraved and wicked. Man needs to repent for their wickedness against a holy God. Man needs to be born again, washed in the blood of the Lamb.]

And that is why we feel so strongly about just giving people hope. Even at your lowest moment, you never know what God can do. He can turn any situation around. You can be just one night from getting the break you need, getting the job you want.

Redeemedhippie>>>[Not telling people they need a Savior is about as low as you can get in trepresenting the gospel. It is not love to not tell your full truth. It is not love to let the wicked believe they are somehow ok with God. The Osteen’s may look attractive. They may speak nice words. But they are not true shepherds. True shepherds can see the wolf and would give their life for the sheep!

If you are someone who has loved the Osteens and after seeing this can somehow still excuse their lack of convictions, do not be angry with me. You need to ask yourself do you really want to see the truth or do you like to have your ears tickled.]

Video of the interview can be seen here:

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