Do liberals really love women more?


I had a revealing conversation with a neighbor yesterday. He is a much older man, who has been a good neighbor for 20 years. I’ve always respected him as my elder. I knew him to be conservative with his views. I was very surprised to learn, when it comes to abortion, he is liberal. Why? He said now days with ultra sounds being able to tell if something is “wrong” with a child, a woman can abort her baby easier. Especially a “mongoloid baby,” he said. I told him, “It is called Down’s Sydrome and why should you think they should be killed?” He answered, “Because they are not good for society, they have nothing to offer soicety.” I said, “Really?” And went on to tell him, that my family and I grew up with a family who had a Down’s sydrome child, who is in her 40s now, and she is a blessing to her family. “Who are you to say who is to live or die? Who are you to say that family is not blessed by having her in their family? You don’t know what kind of joy she brings to them.” He just kind of grinned and said, “It’s a good thing there are people like you in the world.” I told him, “Yes, I guess so. Cause someday somebody might say to you, ‘you’re old, You ain’t fit for society.’ ” He said, “Don’t ell me I’ve got nothing to offer to society.” ” I told him, “I didn’t. But someone else might someday.”

God is going to judge this child sacrifice sooner than we would like to believe.

No murderer has eternal life in him.

Abortion doctors and those who do these things to women and their babies, will burn in hell, if they do not turn from their murdering ways. God will have no mercy on the day they take their last breath on this earth. Demons will welcome them to their eternal abode.


Vaccines Grown On Tissue Of Aborted Babies?!

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Tell me God is not going to judge America! Do not be so naive. America makes God sick! Her sins are a stench to a holy God.

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