Raining in her living room for three hours and with today’s technology she did not get a camera and tape it? Sorry, I think she is a liar. Just like the others: Patricia King (minty green angel) , Tod Bentley (his angelic encounters), Josh Mills (gold dust), etc. Really, the list goes on and on.

Even if she was able to give some kind of proof through video, we STILL would have to test things. We are told Satan will come with LYING signs and wonders.


She tells us it was during the holiday of Yom Kippor that the miracle took place. By telling us this, she would have us to believe because the miracle occured on this day, then it makes it even more credible.

Not so.

Suppossedly, this happened when she was on a quest to get her “soul healed.” Where are we told to go on a quest to get our souls healed? This goes back to self. Jesus said, “It is finished.” Most — if not all — healing of our souls, comes when we repent. That involves the Cross. Perhaps if our souls need to be healed from something, we need to learn to forgive, let go of bitterness, etc. We can not do this apart from the Cross.

Sousa would have you to believe that you need to be in your living room waiting for it to rain before God touches your soul.

As she was repenting for her drug abuse it began to rain in her house. If we accepted God and came to the Cross, did we not repent then? Seems to me, the main thing Sousa needs to repent for, is this deceitful lying.

The following is a comment someone left on youtube after watching her video:

“Katie – you are blessing from God! Is worms my hearth to hear you, but in the same time you make me jealous to be more close to God like you do.”

I left the spelling as it were. The person who wrote the comment has made the awful mistake of making Sousa her plumbline. These kinds of deceitful and manipulating liars such as Sousa point people to experiences. It causes those who may be sincere in trying to find God, believe somehow they are not as spiritual if they are not experiencing such malarky as rain in their living room. It causes people to chase after signs and wonders instead of pursuing the truth.

I can understand baby Christians believing this bull. But middle-aged seasoned Christians? And there are plenty of them out there doing just that.