False Revival comparison

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Try this: Try not watching but listening and think about what it is your ears hear? Are you able to tell the difference between the pagan rituals and the christian? Both sound demonic.



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“Try laughing when they kick you out of your house. Try laughing when you lose your job and you got kids to feed. Try laughing when you car gets repossessed.”

Amen brother Ringo! Amen!


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Heresy within Charismania: Tonques


Please see below video before writing me off.

I realize I may touch someones’ little idol when I expose this mockery. After all, so many of us have been taught it is ok to act the fool while uttering gibberish, falling out of your chair and slithering and jerking on the floor. My aim is not to discredit all tongues. I simply do not know. I do know this much; I know that the church has taught that one must have the gift of tongues to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I do not believe this. If you received the gift of tongues and are now able to actually speak russian, chinese etc. then you need to be in those nations preaching the gospel. But I have yet to see this. Instead I see the following in the church. Complete blasphemy nad mockery of the gift of tongues.

This is the very same spirit at work when the disciples were accused of being drunk. Whereas the disciples said no to the lie, here, the church actually has embraced the lie. The disciples were accused of being drunk to discredit their witness. Did you hear that? They were accused by Satan through the mouths of the ones who wanted to discredit them. They were not drunk. The enemy was trying to make the people think they were drunk so the people would not listen to them. Do you see that?

The video starts out with Kenneth Hagin appearing like an old drunken slob. If that offends anyone, you need to ask yourself why? I know why it offends me.  A drunken old man standing over me, suppossedly of God or not, is one that I find disgusting. The Jesus I serve would NEVER stand over me is such a manner.

We are called to be sober.

Hagin says, “They heard them speak in tongues but what did they see for them to think they were drunk? They must have thought they were drunk. They were acting like drunks.” Then Hagin begins a drunken mocking laughter.

I say again, they were not drunk. The enemy was trying to make the people think they were drunk so the people would not listen to them. Do you understand that?

At one minute into the video a very well-to-do looking couple begin to slither out of their chairs. The complete look of stupidity upon their faces is demonic. You tell me how a God who has given us a sound mind could look so utterly stupid. You can’t tell me.

At 1:20 “Dad” Hagin has to be escorted by a few men as he is just too drunk to stand on his own. I find this so repulsive. And if you believe in a Holy God, you should too. The expression on his face is not that of the Holy Spirit but that of another.

At 2:00 into it, we are introduced to Kenneth Copeland. He too is laughing while Hagin can barely stand up being held up by three men. Now church, I once was a drunkard when in the world. And I have had my share of being around a few drunks in my lifetime. I found it distasteful then, I find this even more distasteful. So you tell me, you who want to cling to this idol of yours, why a Holy God would expect me to embrace this? I abhor it. The Spirit in me tells me it is wrong.

“This is the first time we’ve had a full minifestation of that annointing.”

This is NOT the annointing of God.

“You got that! You got that!” He throws the annointing and the crowd roars backward. Complete bedlam breaks out.

At 3:16, a few men appeared to be locked together. Sorry, church, this is not the love of Christ at work here.  In the meantime there is a constant cooing sound. It is coming from the woman to the right of Hagin.

Kenneth Copeland, (who I believe has more than one demon in him) is on the floor feeding this frenzy with his antics.

At about 4:40, the woman on Hagins’ right begins to make even dumber and louder noises.

At 5:28 the camera pans over to Copeland. Notice the expression of his face. Did he get sober all at once? It is like he is all of a sudden tired of the theatrics himself.  Bored, no longer amused or having fun. Maybe he just wants to go home now, now that the fun is over.