How to fake Stigmata


This video is in answer to the comments I get regarding Lucy Rael and her stigmata sign and wonder. Many people believe this bunk and here it is shown how it is fake.

What people have to remember about signs and wonders is this: Usually it is done in much fakery. The reason anyone would try to fake you off is only to deceive you and get you to follow a lie, rather than the truth. Ask yourself what these fakers are asking from you in return for the sign and wonder. No doubt, it will be your money. It will be your allegiance under the pretext of following Jesus. But which Jesus? Jesus is not a deceiver. He would never lead you into following Him by lying signs and wonders. If you do not test EVERYTHING, then you open yourself up for more deception.

Please do not leave me a comment trying to defend this outrageous fakery.


More fakery from Lucy Rael


In this video we have Lucy Rael with glitter on her hand that is suppose to be gold. Yeah right. You can see her scrap it with her fingernail. So what? I can do that much with glitter and a bottle of Elmo’s glue! Here’s a challenge for you fakers — take the “gold” and get it analyzed, then come back and try to sell it and see what you get for it! I DARE YOU to do it!

Not to say how much the worship music stunk to high heaven. I’m sure God was enjoying that too, along with the fakery!

If someone can not see the obvious fakery in this, it is because they WANT to stay blind, deaf and dumb. Somewhere there is a payoff and you need to ask yourself WHAT and WHY.

“I’m gonna walk down the aisle.”

She has made herself important at this point. Who would dare challenge her or question her? 

“His glory is here. His blessing of prosperity is here.”

No, God’s glory is nowhere near. The only thing near, are spirits of trickery and witchcraft.

“The gold represents the diety of God. It represents the prosperity of God.”

No, it represents what it is: Elmer’s glue and glitter equaling fakery! How many people there went after this god for the glitter, for the gold on this woman? How many?!

“Pastor, the angel of prosperity is in this place. I see the angel of prosperity walking…many times, I’ve seen this angel of prosperity.”

We’ve heard this form Tod Bentley and a slew of other lairs and deceivers.

She drops the glitter out of her hand. “I’m gonna put that right there.”  (Because her hand was no doubt sweaty and sticky from the glue by now!) Someone should have ran up to it right then and there, picked it up and ran with it and took it to a jewelers and exposed her lying deceitful mouth!

You can hear screaming at a distance. Sorry, I find this kind of thing not only disturbing, but demonic. I do NOT think it is the Holy Spirit!


FALSE Lucy Rael: oil, stigmata, diamonds from Heaven


Fake deceiver Lucy Rael with her fake stigmata. The same people who see Jesus in their grilled cheese sandwich are the same people who go after fake signs and wonders.

The people are told it is a sign to “point you back to the cross.”

Really? Where is that in the Word of God? If something points to the cross, does it not mean self-denail? Where is the self-denial in this? There is none. It is one of searching for signs and wonders, which we are commanded not to do. Yet people do it everyday and somehow they can dance around it as if it is ok.

“Without the shedding of blood there is not remission of sin.”

True. But Jesus offered up the sacrifice once and for all. It is not being done over and over again and again through the likes of false miracles, stigmatas (which is a Roman catholic thing, I may add) and teachers.

“Lucy wants you to shout, I’m healed, I’m healed. I’m free, I’m free.”

This is to get the crowd worked up for the next sign and wonder.

“The power of God is so strong here.”

No, the power of suggestion and the spirit of witchcraft is strong. NOT GOD. This too is another little tactic to subconciously prepare the people  for the next sign and wonder.

Then at 2:00 we are shown her feet. “The nailprints on her feet…This is unusual, this doesn’t happen. This doesn’t happen. Pastor, this doesn’t happen like this.”

If he says it enough, the people will believe they are being favorited by God in being allowed to see this sign and wonder.

“Please stay in your seat.”

Yeah right! Because if you came down to look, you would somehow be able to figure out how fake this whole set up is!

At 4:45, diamonds start falling out of a woman’s mouth. What a crock.

“People pray. Diamonds are coming from her mouth!…I need order, I need order!”

From the sound and looks of things, it appeared the only ones out of order were the fakers orchestrating this circus!

“People, listen to me. As you’re giving your offering. God is doing signs and wonders.”

Why take offerings? Didn’t God just give you a bunch of diamonds??? IF that had happened — and it did NOT — then they should have given the diamonds to the people!

“God has approved this offering.”

No, He has not, because He is nowhere in this!