Walmart Introduces ‘666 Obamacare RFID Chip Machine’ ?

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I do believe we are heading in a direction where we all will be required to have some kind of easy transferable way for transactions, whether it be through a finger print or an implant of some kind. However, I can’t say for certain that the machine Wal-Mart has set up in the following video asks for some kind of ID from your hand.

Still, this concerns me: “All citizens must have health insurance or suffer hundreds of dollars in tax penalties that will increase each year.” One has to ask, how much in hundreds of dollars? To the point where you eventually lose your home? How about that word suffer? How’s that for government caring for you?

Maybe it’s just me, but I refuse to be marked in one way or the other like cattle. The last time I remembered that happening, millions died at the hand of Hitler.

Seho Song:

The Question is not will it happen, but WHEN?



Universal Healthcare for All Citizens of The World


BarnumandBentley from Youtube gives us the following video.

Think it can’t happen? Don’t kid yourself.

He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads,  and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666. — Revelation 13:16-18 — 

But we are not to be afraid. We are to trust in God. He is our Strength, our Shield, our Provider and Healer.

Micro-chip agenda grows

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Think you have seen it all on the micro-chip (666)?

I suspect this will come into affect sometime near or right after obamacare comes into play. Are you and your family prepared to be chipped like an animal or will you resist being made a slave to government? Those who will resist need to start preparing now. We will be mocked, ridiculed, possibly lose everything we own and thrown into jail.

It will be interesting to see which Republican/conservative whores and bastards of freedom will come out in favor of this.

Sean Hannity already has.


Alert, Parents: Preschoolers to wear ‘tracking devices”


Tell me there will be no micro-chip in the obama healthcare plan. Tell me government does not want to own us and I will tell you I have a real nice swamp in Florida for you to buy.

This is just the beginning, people. Get the kiddies to do it first and the parents will follow.

California students get tracking devices

RICHMOND, Calif.—California officials are outfitting preschoolers in Contra Costa County with tracking devices they say will save staff time and money.
The system was introduced Tuesday. When at the school, students will wear a jersey that has a small radio frequency tag. The tag will send signals to sensors that help track children’s whereabouts, attendance and even whether they’ve eaten or not.

And suppose they have not eaten, then what? Government throws Mom and Dad in jail and takes the kid? You better believe it will come to this.

School officials say it will free up teachers and administrators who previously had to note on paper files when a child was absent or had eaten.

Sung Kim of the county’s employment and human services department said the system could save thousands of hours of staff time and pay for itself within a year.

It cost $50,000 and was paid by a federal grant.

You better believe big government wants to own us. Please do not waste your time or my time trying to defend this. Frankly, I think anybody who would trust any agency this much has a screw lose.

Transhumanism takes our souls and turns us all into machines


Hey parents, you can get your brand new baby CHIPPED in the future. Those with elderly parents — not to worry — you can get them chipped too.

Lose your car keys a lot? Don’t worry, the chip in your arm can open your door for you!

Have a hard time keeping up with medical records? Piece of cake — the chip will let them know everything about us.

They make it sound so good. But I tell you the truth: this is as close as you can get giving your soul to government. In fact, it is.

After all it is for our own good. They would like for us to believe that!

Can’t you see how we have been conditioned to receive this? Think of all the electronic gadgets that have come out in the past two decades. Think how far we have come in technology. Think of how popular it is to get tattoos. People have been conditioned well. This has been planned from the very beginning.

“If I had the chip, I could travel all over the world. That would give me the freedom of living life without bounds.”

Ignorant and deceived woman. THIS CHIP would enslave us all. It would tie us into the world like we are nothing more than cattle or sheep to be used by government anyway they choose.

“Now the chip will be planted in the upper part of your right arm.”

He says it like it is going to be a fact! As if he is being used to tell us all to get used to the idea.

“And it’s just a number on the chip…”

Mexico is already using the system with their police officers!

corrrdoba — May 01, 2010:

Microchipping Employees: Let Your Boss Get Under Your Skin

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We are getting closer and closer to government implementing this. Just wait until we all have to get free health care. Is anyone so naive to believe they will not do this? Do not be so stupid to think tey will not. I for one will resist this with every fiber of my being. Government does NOT own me! Government and anyone else who desires this for any human being, can shove their chip where the sun does not shine! Prepare to resist the onslaught of deception and evil!


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