The Question is not will it happen, but WHEN?



Micro-chip agenda grows

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Think you have seen it all on the micro-chip (666)?

I suspect this will come into affect sometime near or right after obamacare comes into play. Are you and your family prepared to be chipped like an animal or will you resist being made a slave to government? Those who will resist need to start preparing now. We will be mocked, ridiculed, possibly lose everything we own and thrown into jail.

It will be interesting to see which Republican/conservative whores and bastards of freedom will come out in favor of this.

Sean Hannity already has.


Alert, Parents: Preschoolers to wear ‘tracking devices”


Tell me there will be no micro-chip in the obama healthcare plan. Tell me government does not want to own us and I will tell you I have a real nice swamp in Florida for you to buy.

This is just the beginning, people. Get the kiddies to do it first and the parents will follow.

California students get tracking devices

RICHMOND, Calif.—California officials are outfitting preschoolers in Contra Costa County with tracking devices they say will save staff time and money.
The system was introduced Tuesday. When at the school, students will wear a jersey that has a small radio frequency tag. The tag will send signals to sensors that help track children’s whereabouts, attendance and even whether they’ve eaten or not.

And suppose they have not eaten, then what? Government throws Mom and Dad in jail and takes the kid? You better believe it will come to this.

School officials say it will free up teachers and administrators who previously had to note on paper files when a child was absent or had eaten.

Sung Kim of the county’s employment and human services department said the system could save thousands of hours of staff time and pay for itself within a year.

It cost $50,000 and was paid by a federal grant.

You better believe big government wants to own us. Please do not waste your time or my time trying to defend this. Frankly, I think anybody who would trust any agency this much has a screw lose.

Transhumanism takes our souls and turns us all into machines


Hey parents, you can get your brand new baby CHIPPED in the future. Those with elderly parents — not to worry — you can get them chipped too.

Lose your car keys a lot? Don’t worry, the chip in your arm can open your door for you!

Have a hard time keeping up with medical records? Piece of cake — the chip will let them know everything about us.

They make it sound so good. But I tell you the truth: this is as close as you can get giving your soul to government. In fact, it is.

After all it is for our own good. They would like for us to believe that!

Can’t you see how we have been conditioned to receive this? Think of all the electronic gadgets that have come out in the past two decades. Think how far we have come in technology. Think of how popular it is to get tattoos. People have been conditioned well. This has been planned from the very beginning.

“If I had the chip, I could travel all over the world. That would give me the freedom of living life without bounds.”

Ignorant and deceived woman. THIS CHIP would enslave us all. It would tie us into the world like we are nothing more than cattle or sheep to be used by government anyway they choose.

“Now the chip will be planted in the upper part of your right arm.”

He says it like it is going to be a fact! As if he is being used to tell us all to get used to the idea.

“And it’s just a number on the chip…”

Mexico is already using the system with their police officers!

corrrdoba — May 01, 2010:

“Micro-chipping” your GARBAGE coming soon to you?

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Just when you thought it was safe to take out the garbage, government is going to implement micro-chipping you garbage.

This is nothing more than government wanting to nosey around in your garbage. So what, you may ask? Consider these things:

1. Eventually they will DEMAND you recycle every little thing in order to “save the earth.” Remember, that is the New Age religion: earth worship. All beliefs but two will be allowed. Christianity and Judaism. Why these two? Because these two are the only ones that serve the One true God.

2. They can and will use your garbage against you if they so choose.

3. They can even plant stuff in your garbage if they wish and run up all kinds of charges on you.

4. Perhaps, like me, you aren’t willing to use the greenie light bulbs. They can accuse us of some crime because we dare to use a different lightbulb.  Or perhaps by not using some ridiculous over priced greenie cleaning  solution will be enough to make you pay a fine or else.

5. And who is to say, this little thingy will not have something in it, to monitor you?!

I know, I know, she’s just paranoid you say. But you wait and see.

Following article gotten here:

Alexandria residents soon will have to pay for larger home recycling bins featuring built-in monitoring devices.

The City Council added a mandatory $9 charge to its residents’ annual waste collection fee.

That cash — roughly $180,000 collected from 19,000 residents– will pay for new larger recycling carts equipped with computer microchips, which will allow the city to keep tabs on its bins and track resident participation in the city’s recycling program.

“If you know who’s participating in the programs, you can focus your education and outreach to those who are not participating,” said Stacy Herring, Alexandria’s recycling coordinator.

Rich Baier, Alexandria’s environmental services program director, said the city will use direct mailing campaigns and public presentations to target neighborhoods — not individuals — that lag when it comes to recycling.

“We’re just trying to get the biggest bang where we need it for the buck,” Baier said. “We don’t want to get into exactly what people are recycling.”


The new carts will come in sizes ranging form 25 to 65 gallons, and will sport wheels and lids. While the $9 charge is mandatory, residents may keep their old 18-gallon bins if they so choose.

Councilman Frank Fannon, the lone City Council member to oppose the new recycling bins, said he was against increased government spending, not recycling.

“I thought this was just another fee that we didn’t have to pass on to the residents,” he said.

Herring said the city conducted a survey among Old Town residents last May that found 60 percent wanted larger bins. She also said other jurisdictions had implemented bigger recycling bins and had seen recycling rates shoot up as a result.

“The larger the container, the more people recycle,” Herring said, citing a study conducted by Eureka Recycling, a Minnesota nonprofit organization that promotes recycling.

Alexandria recently reported a 29 percent recycling rate to the state. Virginia requires most localities to recycle 25 percent of its waste, while the Environmental Protection Agency advocates a 35 percent target.

Baier said larger bins increase recycling rates because residents tend to throw their excess recyclables into regular trash cans once their recycling bins fill up.

He also said litter was a problem with the current bins, which don’t have lids to prevent light materials from blowing out into area neighborhoods.

Venishka Hurdle, who coordinates recycling education programs in Arlington, said the county implemented larger, tracking-chip loaded recycling bins last year and saw the curbside recycling rate jump roughly 24 percent. The county’s overall recycling rate is about 40 percent, she said.

“They’ve been a huge success,” Hurdle said of the new bins. “Residents love them, and they recycle more materials as well.”

Hurdle said Arlington County is collecting data from the bins’ microchips, but had not yet used that data to improve recycling outreach and education programs.

Redeemdhippie:[One just has to ask, what kind of data?]

Alexandria residents can expect to see their waste collection fees jump up in July, and likely will receive their new bins this summer.

FOX News Promots the Microchipping Of Alzheimer’s Patients

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Don’t even tell me this is a “good idea.” I’ve dealt personally with Altzimer’s patients. You WATCH them like a child, if they wander. You do not chip them like an animal. In which case, I would not even chip my dogs!

This is disgusting: take the weakest and most vulnerable of society — our elderly — and use them as lab rats in order to condition the rest of us to accept this mark of the beast that government WILL implement sooner or later! No doubt through free health care within the next few years!

Verichip, the company that makes them is now working to get EVERY hospital equipped with the scanners. What do you think that is about America? Your free health care, that is what! Big government will want US ALL tied in to their system within the next few years.

Man is wicked! Wicked indeed!

And FOX news network? Just another media whore who sells out the truth for a profit and for their own evil agendas!


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Is it possible that government is able to do this to us without us even knowing about it — for instance in a vaccination at some point? Or suppose it will be a requirement in order to buy groceries, make your house payment, put gas in your car or go to the doctor? Something to think about. There is time to be making preparations in your heart in how you will respond to this. For it is coming to us sooner or later. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.


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