Flee from the witchcraft of Mike Murdoch!


If I get a little emotional with the following, please excuse me. This has really gotten me angry. Thousands of Christians are duped in to this stuff. Let’s face it, it is either their desperation or greed that leads them to men like Murdoch. I’ve only transcribed parts of it, but the whole thing is one big fat manipulation to line the pockets of Mike Murdock.

“What you can walk away from, you have mastered.”

Does that mean if someone can walk away from this apostate without being manipulated by his witchcraft/manipulation to give him one dime, then you have mastered him? YES! So flee from this heretic and be free!

“Nothing happens until you use your faith. Nothin’, nothin’, nothin. God’s not moved by tears.”


The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears,
And delivers them out of all their troubles.
The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart,
And saves such as have a contrite spirit.
Many are the afflictions of the righteous,
But the Lord delivers him out of them all. — Psalm 34:17-19 —

Not once is it mentioned in the Word of God that you have to perform for man, in order to receive God’s help or blessing.

Mike Murdock wants you to believe unless you sow in his minstry by sending him lots of money, God is not going to help you. This places the ministry above God! As if Mike Murdock is the mediator between you and God!

“For me, a thousand dollar seed, is proof that you have conquered greed.”

This would be laughable, if it were not so serious. Why should anyone prove anything to Mike Murdock?! We do not answer to him! His manipulation tells me he is the greedy one here!

Again: “What I can walk away from, I have mastered. What I can’t walk away from, has mastered me.”

Decide now: Who are you going to walk away from? Mike Murdock and men like him or Jesus? You can not have it both ways. For Mike Murdock is of his father, the devil. The truth is not in him. 

“I like new money…when I give things to people, I like to give stacks of money…the most beautiful thing on earth, is a hundred dollar bill. I ain’t seen a woman on earth as good looking as a hundred dollar bill. There’s something about that hundred dollar bill that excites ya.”

He has just from his own mouth told us his god is money. The stacks of money he refers to, is the money his followers send in. If You follow him, how does it feel to know that you are giving to a materalistic, greedy, conniving, manipulating, lying, cheating snake oil salesman?

“He said,’We don’t give, to get something back.’ Oh yes, we do.”

Such greed here. Do you give in hopes you get some thing back? Or do you just give? I never feel obligated to give anything. Sometimes our motives for giving are wrong in the first place. I’m not going to tell you the Christian must give, give, give. We are to always be led by God.   

Does this also mean if a brother who is in prison for the true faith in another country, were to somehow slip out a dollar bill to Murdock, that he could expect lots of money? Church, if it isn’t true all over the world, then it is not true at all! Oh, the apostacy here in America. God will judge it. 

Nothing he is saying is from the mouth of God, and I say here, an evil spirit actually makes itself known:

“My biggest fear is going to hell with all the stupid people in one place. I think I could handle the fire, it’s all the fools, at the same place. That makes you want to go to heaven, doesn’t it? I can hardly take one idiot much less all of them in one place.”

Unless Mike Murdock repents from his witchcraft, he will find out whether or not he can handle the fire. In the meantime, do not be one of the fools he is talking about by following him there.


Apostate Teaching: Sowing Seed


Why pray and ask God for anything, when all you have to do is sow in an apostate’s teaching and create your own reality through witchcraft?

“I planted a 58 dollar seed for my handicapped son. I did not have enough money to take care of him so he ended up getting placed in a group home. I focused on the seed to bring him back.”

Did not have the money to take care of the son, yet had money to send to an apostate! Also, no praying, no asking God, no trusting in God, but trusting in 58 bucks! Focusing on 58 bucks!

“Exactly 58 days later I found out the money which was going to him for the group home can be sent to me if I bring him home! It is an extensive amount which means I do not have to work and and will have the money to take care of his physical needs.”

Mike Murdock: This is not for everybody.

I’ll say! It certainly is not for anybody who can use their brain!

Mike Murdock: Delayed obediance becomes disobediance.

Such manipulation and witchcraft! The ol’ guilt routine. Don’t send him the money and you are guilty of some great sin! The man is a liar and a deceiver!

Mike Murdock prayer: Father, if what I have said about sowing and reaping is just for Mike Murdock personal gain, may a curse be on me and my ministry. May my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth. If what I’ve said about sowing and reaping is the Word of God, I decree 12 months of miracles…”

It is only by the mercy of God that man’s tongue did not fall out of his mouth right then and there!  His ministry is already cursed because it is full of witchcraft!