It Will Cost You Everything


A few months ago, the Lord began giving me a revelation of what it meant to love Him above all on this earth. I thought I had “arrived” until recently I had been tested and realized if I can not forgive or/and love, then I am nothing. To put Jesus above all means even accepting His will in times of pain and tribulation. In short; the willing to suffer along with Him for His sake and for His Kingdom.

Oh Lord, where else can I go?! I believe Lord, help me with my unbelief!


Paul Washer: Joy from Christ, not your performance

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Someone told me I need a revelation of joy. I’m sure I do, for I am convinced I will not have joy until I leave this earth. I am very honest when I say, I have found life very serious and hard from childhood days. Even more so, the past two decades.

May the annointing break the yokes off of those of us who find it hard to have joy. May we find the power of God in our lives to not only stand, but to have true joy.


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Joel Osteen vs. Paul Washer and PERSECUTION


I’m sure this will make some people angry. But, they both can not be right now, can they? I don’t think so. Decide for yourselves which Gospel is the truth for all nations, especially among the poorest and the persecuted. I think the answer is simple.

If the world loves the people you esteem in the church, be careful. Because Jesus said we would be hated for his Name’s sake. Does the world love your teachers or do they despise them?

Still have trouble knowing which gospel is true? Then watch the following.

Paul Washer: Persecution or a Great Awakening

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Date of video: October 26, 2008

Please listen church! This man is telling us the truth!

The Cross Of Christ by Paul Washer

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Gospel Tract


Our sister, nodoubt257 gives us this to think about: