Dedmon has a healing song.

Dedmon on not having a good singing voice: “This goes to show that anything we do that is ( ) by faith, whether or not we have the talent or not, can be totally effective in releasing the kingdom of God.”

WRONG. This shows and proves nothing. The simple fact that one can sing a little ditty and CLAIM it has any kind of power or unction, is not only absurd — it is out right flakey. We are suppose to believe it just because kevin dedmon says so? How naive are some people, when they take the word of a man who is building his religion around his own teachings? What it proves is how silly people can be in thinking all they can do is sing and claim something when God has told us to pray.  To ask, seek and knock. Where is our need of God, if we are not praying? Where is our need of God if all we have to do is sing a little ditty?

If you happen to be one of those people who get a song stuck in your head — do not listen to this dribble.

Dedmon is not even original. The tune itself is from and old rock song. I can not place it, but maybe someone else can? Seems like it is a British group from the late 60’s to the early 70s. So that in itself makes me wonder if God wanted to give someone a nice little tune, why use something from an old rock song? Surely God is more creative than that?

Sid Roth: “It’s just like the laughter…it releases the healing presence of God.”

Really? Then how about taking that little tune into a hospital where cancer patients are suffering? Or take it to an Aids patient.

Even if it did work, it does not mean it is from God. This is the same as Christian Science. It is not dealing with reality. It denies the suffering of the individual.

I once cleaned house for a very sweet elderly woman. She was up in her 80’s, all bent over and walked with a walker. She was feeble and began to get sick. One day she told someone in her church she was not feeling well. They told her not to say such a thing, but to confess she was healed. (Easy for someone else to tell a sick person what to say when they are not the ones suffering, isn’t it?)

That poor little old woman. She was just a few weeks or months from dying and she was being told to deny what was going on with her!  The very same thing today’s church teaches those who are suffering and sick! Her church was Christian Science!

Kevin Dedmon is a liar. It is that simple. Wouldn’t one think IF there was any truth in what he had to say, then take your gift where it is needed the most.  Perhaps to a children’s hosptial where little kids are crippled up.

Sid Roth to Dedmon: “And you’re saying you are not special?”

They both leave the door wide open in having us believe Dedmon must be special or else his little song would not be able to do all he confesses it to be.

There is nothing special about Dedmon or his little song. He is no different than any other upcoming apostate in todays’ church!

At the end “I release what is in heaven into your life.”

He has just made himself your high priest! Jesus is THE High Priest and as Christians, each of us are priests through the blood of Jesus. We have no need for mere man to think they can lord it over us and have some greater unction than what is already in each of us.

He, along with the others are practicing mind over matter; Christian Science just like Kenneth Hagin and all the others with their New Age sugar-coated feel good gospel.

GROW UP YOU MIDDLE AGE people who are STILL looking for signs and wonders. Kevin Dedmon has no sign and wonder to even follow. But if you insist on following the likes of such men, please let me sell you a piece of the moon!