Seven Passover Blessings from Steve Munsey


Note: You must give to THIS ministry to receive your seven blessings. Who do you send your offering to? Mark Chironna

This is blatant twisting of the scripture AND manipulation to steal your money. Do you really think God can be bought? For shame!

TBN and those affilliated with it are going to burn come judgment day unless they repent for their harlotries and witchcraft. God’s wrath will consume them. Come out from among them.

Sidebar: Steve Munsey, hired fundraising gun for TBN and friends, has written a book on the seven blessings that come to those who observe the Passover. Note that, for Steve and the huckster who hired him (Mark Chironna), observing the Passover has nothing to do with slaughtering a lamb or eating unleavened bread. It’s about sending him money.

1. Angel dispatched on your behalf.
2. God will be an enemy to your enemies.
3. Spirit of prosperity present.
4. Sickness taken away from you.
5. Long life.
6. Increase and inheritance in your life.
7. Special year of blessing


Christian “Magic”


Steve Muncie and Morris Cerrollo tells the viewers how to send them money and God will send out angels and blessings. This is blatant manipulation and witchcraft.

“I have taken the seven blessings right from Exodus 23 that we’re believing God to pour out on everyone of these people. And I feel a strong witness in my spirit when you say, ‘ 80. ‘ This is the year of 2008. It is the year of new beginnings. You’re going to sow your new beginning by coming before the Lord bringing this incredible 80 dollar passover offering.”

They will send you a little jewish scroll. Then when the angel sees it you will be blessed! How quaint. (Excuse me for being sarcastic.)

Really! These are nothing but wolves out to steal from the sheep!