Flee from the witchcraft of Mike Murdoch!


If I get a little emotional with the following, please excuse me. This has really gotten me angry. Thousands of Christians are duped in to this stuff. Let’s face it, it is either their desperation or greed that leads them to men like Murdoch. I’ve only transcribed parts of it, but the whole thing is one big fat manipulation to line the pockets of Mike Murdock.

“What you can walk away from, you have mastered.”

Does that mean if someone can walk away from this apostate without being manipulated by his witchcraft/manipulation to give him one dime, then you have mastered him? YES! So flee from this heretic and be free!

“Nothing happens until you use your faith. Nothin’, nothin’, nothin. God’s not moved by tears.”


The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears,
And delivers them out of all their troubles.
The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart,
And saves such as have a contrite spirit.
Many are the afflictions of the righteous,
But the Lord delivers him out of them all. — Psalm 34:17-19 —

Not once is it mentioned in the Word of God that you have to perform for man, in order to receive God’s help or blessing.

Mike Murdock wants you to believe unless you sow in his minstry by sending him lots of money, God is not going to help you. This places the ministry above God! As if Mike Murdock is the mediator between you and God!

“For me, a thousand dollar seed, is proof that you have conquered greed.”

This would be laughable, if it were not so serious. Why should anyone prove anything to Mike Murdock?! We do not answer to him! His manipulation tells me he is the greedy one here!

Again: “What I can walk away from, I have mastered. What I can’t walk away from, has mastered me.”

Decide now: Who are you going to walk away from? Mike Murdock and men like him or Jesus? You can not have it both ways. For Mike Murdock is of his father, the devil. The truth is not in him. 

“I like new money…when I give things to people, I like to give stacks of money…the most beautiful thing on earth, is a hundred dollar bill. I ain’t seen a woman on earth as good looking as a hundred dollar bill. There’s something about that hundred dollar bill that excites ya.”

He has just from his own mouth told us his god is money. The stacks of money he refers to, is the money his followers send in. If You follow him, how does it feel to know that you are giving to a materalistic, greedy, conniving, manipulating, lying, cheating snake oil salesman?

“He said,’We don’t give, to get something back.’ Oh yes, we do.”

Such greed here. Do you give in hopes you get some thing back? Or do you just give? I never feel obligated to give anything. Sometimes our motives for giving are wrong in the first place. I’m not going to tell you the Christian must give, give, give. We are to always be led by God.   

Does this also mean if a brother who is in prison for the true faith in another country, were to somehow slip out a dollar bill to Murdock, that he could expect lots of money? Church, if it isn’t true all over the world, then it is not true at all! Oh, the apostacy here in America. God will judge it. 

Nothing he is saying is from the mouth of God, and I say here, an evil spirit actually makes itself known:

“My biggest fear is going to hell with all the stupid people in one place. I think I could handle the fire, it’s all the fools, at the same place. That makes you want to go to heaven, doesn’t it? I can hardly take one idiot much less all of them in one place.”

Unless Mike Murdock repents from his witchcraft, he will find out whether or not he can handle the fire. In the meantime, do not be one of the fools he is talking about by following him there.


Satanists told us years ago Satanism would creep in the church and they were right


I have had this in my draft folder for a couple of years. I wanted to be able to comment on it, bit by bit, but it is much too long.

Bob Larsen — who I’m not fond of at all — interviews Anton Ley Veys daughter and husband. I think he is her husband.

His guests dispel the many myths about Satanism. How many of us have thought Satanism was devil horns and pitchforks? I think people will be surprised to see just how much Satanism has crept into every area of life the past few decades. Even within the Church. Especially within the Church.

I don’t aim to take anything out of context with my commentary. The video is over an hour long and I found it too time consuming to actually try and take on every detail.

“The Christian media is a dying source …”

“You’ve given up your ideals and now joined the devil’s ranks, which is to entertain people.”

Bob Larsen actually laughs?

“You are now part of the media which is something that the fictional character you base your religion on, Jesus Christ, certainly would not have condoned.”

BL blows off Nickolass. But this guy is right.

“What the 90’s is going to see, is a massive rise to Satanism….because what we are seeing now is the death struggle between Judeo-Christian idea and arcytype of the ancient more satanic archytype.”

“Black magic, I would define as the use of will and ritual combined to create change in the world without any restraint on what that change might be. No hypocritical pretendin that we are appealing to a higher force.”

This is witchcraft. The very same thing that false teachers teach today. If you can not see it, it is because you do not want to. The only difference is Satanists do not appeal to the higher force — being God, to a Christian.

“Do whatever you want to do, but accept the consequences that come with it.”

“What is right and wrong? In our case, we are making up our own reality. We decide what’s right and wrong.”

Church, do you see it? How can some of you sit in churches week after week practicing the very same thing this couple reveals as true Satanism??? Look at some of your teachers and tell me they do not practice the same thing!


A Mom loses her Baby and later concludes The Word of Faith teaching is equivalent to Witchcraft


When I read the following, it reminded me of my own loss of a baby. I was only at six weeks in my pregnancy when I miscarried. The day I found out I was going to have a baby was the happiest day of my life, next to my wedding day. I’ll never forget what that was like. But soon those hopes and expectations began to slowly crumble as something went wrong in my body. I had well meaning Christian women back then tell me, “Do not fear or the thing you fear will come upon you.” One particular woman came over to bring me a loaf of home made bread. She prayed for me, more or less telling me not to fear or I would cause the baby to die. I had people rebuking the devil off me and my baby. “It is not God’s will that you lose this baby. You must fight against it.” I would look at some of these women — some of them who homeschooled their children — and who had given birth at home through midwives — and thought to myself, surely they know what they are talking about, because they have children. I made the mistake of thinking they were somehow more spiritual just because they were a mother.

I did not want to be responsible for my baby’s death, so I did my best rebuking the devil, claiming the baby for God, through the pain and blood that miscarrying brings. Two friends, who were not in the name -it claim -it gospel, lovingly spoke to me, telling me it was not my fault, that it was ok to let go. I had not told them, but a day or so before, I had an impression that God was trying to let me know the same thing.

After it was all over with and I was able to go back to Church, I felt very conspicuous. It felt like other women were thinking along these lines: “There’s the woman who could not pray enough for her baby. She didn’t try hard enough. Because she was afraid, her worse fear came upon her. If only she had enough faith.” Whether anyone actually thought this, I don’t know. But if a woman had people telling her somehow it is within her power through what they call faith, to stop a miscarriage, then what else is a woman to think?

We do not always know the reasons behind things. I spent a number of years asking God “why?” “Why not give me a baby? Why do you let others have babies and not me?” At almost 60 years old, I no longer ask. I am content now. It does not matter to me anymore. One day I will know and it all will make complete sense. What does bother me though, are the many barren women out there who for some reason or another find yourself in the same place I was years ago. You have people telling you the same things I was told. Do not let people tell put this upon you. It is not only a form of witchcraft, it completely ignores God’s sovereignty. His ways are higher than ours.


On “Word of Faith” or “Believing Prayer” Movements

I’ve picked on the occult, media, Messianic Judaism, Harry Potter, and Beth Moore. I’ve picked on “spiritual disciplines”, tithing, and missionaries, “Purpose-Driven”/Emerging churches, pragmatism, Biblical authority, ecumenism, and a variety of Christian-living topics.

But until now I haven’t picked on the one topic that can make me mad as a hornet, quicker than anything (which surprises me, actually). I am usually passionate, though diplomatic about topics, even more so when speaking to non-Christians.

I enjoy the mutual exchanging of questions and learning about other people (but I do not like accusations). This subject however, brings a lot of personal emotions to the surface because I lived this worldview for a brief and very painful time.

Putting my faith in sincere and well-intentioned spiritual elders, my spouse and I bought into this worldview hook, line, and sinker at the start of our young marriage, and especially when our first-born was diagnosed with a fatal heart anomaly in utero.

We were promised that “if we had faith” (if we believed hard enough) God would have to heal her. We read in proponents’ books, about certain “spiritual laws” that God was bound by (ha!). We were told that only certain people must be told about the baby’s condition; those discerning few who really knew how to pray “correctly” for her; to “pray believing”.

Here is an example (from CBN’s website) on how to pray believing for “your personal” miracle (though they give themselves an out by not guaranteeing your desired outcome). http://www.cbn.com/spirituallife/CBNTeachingSheets/Can_I_Be_Healed.aspx

To my eternal regret, we hurt and deceived a lot of people by essentially lying about the baby’s condition, because if you admitted there was a problem, even allowed yourself the tiniest thought there might be a problem, you wouldn’t get your miracle (in New Age circles this idea is called “positive thinking” to an extreme, and obviously unhealthy end).

In my naiveté and desperate hope, I clung to the belief my baby would live even after she lay dead in my husband’s arms. I firmly believed God would bring her back from the dead (and I know now how crazy this all sounds) and awe all the nay-saying doctors.

It wasn’t until her graveside funeral a week later, when we pulled up to the outdoor awning and I saw her casket, that reality finally hit me. It hit me so hard I refused to get out of the car. I didn’t want that reality; that was not what I had worked and prayed and vainly hoped and “believed in faith” so hard for.

But the death of my Elizabeth Ann nearly nine years ago, has spurred me to look before I leap, and research and study my Bible harder than ever. I can now say unequivocally that the Word of Faith movement doesn’t work based on my experience, and it is very un-Biblical.

The most hurtful thing after Elizabeth’s death was the lack of apology on the part of those who had pushed their beliefs so hard. Rather than admitting the obvious (this system failed), they pulled away from my husband and I and grew distant and remained quiet. Worst of all, they continue to believe in and promote this garbage.

That is when I become very angry. The same people who convinced me of their beliefs and themselves held my dead baby or attended or spoke at the funeral, refuse to admit their mistake and seem intent on dragging other people through the hell that I went through.

It may just be my perception, but it appears this movement is growing. Take note however: this movement is merely witchcraft* in disguise. The idea of having to say prayer in a particular (i.e. ritualistic, formulaic, or prescribed) manner is a key occult practice; they call it incantation or spell-casting. The idea that God must abide by/is bound by certain rules He laid out in His creation seems blasphemous-we can never be God’s puppeteers. But this is also a key occult practice; trying to bend the natural or supernatural world and its residents to a “knowledgeable” (i.e. magician) human will.

A third underlying idea is that of keeping secrets, or being made to feel elite in the secret mysteries and understandings of God. The word “occult” literally means “hidden”, and there have always been a plethora of secret societies and mystery religions.

But Christianity is not one of them. The Bible is a collection of historical accounts on all the ways the God of the Bible has revealed Himself to people (not just the Israelites) throughout the ages. Daniel 2:47 says God is a “revealer of mysteries”. As God He could be mysterious, but He desires to be known by us and has revealed Himself for our benefit (http://www.gci.org/god/is2).

Other occult aspects that a particular Word of Faith group may or may not be involved in include divination (reading “signs from God” in tea leaves, hair, wood, screen doors, bird migration patterns, bones, entrails, etc.); protective amulets and talismans including lucky charms, blessed cross necklaces and the like (see: http://www.amuletgifts.com/Christian-Amulets/); astrology (reading the stars to determine God’s path for your life, like horoscopes); “special” prayers, blessings, or adjurations (words against demons) to bring health, wealth, children, etc. (like this: http://www.thejabezprayer.com/); music, scents (candles, oils, or incense-also known as aromatherapy), gems, or herbs with purported (i.e. not scientifically backed) properties/powers/abilities, especially in the area of healing or cleansing the spirit (see: http://www.tbnwebstore.org/product.asp?sku=0793573777690 or http://www.abbaoil.com/c-9-anointing-oil.aspx); rituals or formulaic practices for better communion with God, protection, healing, cleansing, etc. (labyrinths, special prayer routines, meditation/contemplative practices, spiritual disciplines, extreme positive thinking, being in God’s presence**, etc. etc.)

(A few examples: http://www.christianbook.com/soul-detox-clean-living-contaminated-world/craig-groeschel/9780310333685/pd/333685?event=1010SG|1154706|1010


or http://www.christianbook.com/calling-deluxe-edition-enjoying-peace-presence/sarah-young/9781404187825/pd/187825?item_code=WW&netp_id=749896&event=1010|1154706|1010|1154706|1010&view=details).

Understand those who practice these things generally have a scripture or two or three that appear to back their position. After having studied my Bible a bit better, I have come to the realization that God did not fail my family, false prophets did.

It is so vital to not just read a passage in context of its sentence, but in some cases whole sections and even several chapters are needed to understand it in full (this is where many devotional books and Bible studies fail).

If you want to get to know God better, simple prayer and Bible reading is the only way to do it. It is not glamorous and will not usually involve an experience. It will not cater to our human nature to act on or do something. And the Bible does not promise health, wealth, protection, or mysteries to unravel. The only way to “spiritually detox” is through repentance, forgiveness, and the grace of the cross.

*It is rather ironic that practitioners of this movement like to define rebellion as synonymous with “witchcraft”, based on the misunderstanding of 1 Sam. 15:23 (here is an example of this misunderstanding turned “ministry”: http://www.mcleanministries.com/custom.html).

**Being “in God’s presence” or inviting the Holy Spirit “to come” is a nice, super-Christian thought. But if we are Christians, the Bible says we have the Holy Spirit (which is God) living in us, Romans 8:11, Acts 2:4, John 3:34, and John 20:22.

Therefore, we cannot invite the Holy Spirit to come more, nor can we purposefully cultivate a sense of God’s presence. These are merely emotional or supernatural highs that we can easily become addicted to. Remember also the Bible also describes a deceptive Satan and demons, as well as God and His angels.

Below are a host of other sources for your researching pleasure, but as always please do balanced research and always read your Bible in context. (Note: the last link is to a book I was given to read and be “inspired” by for my “faith”)










http://www.amazon.com/Gods-Generals-They-Succeeded Some/dp/0883689448


The Occultic Mindset of Spiritual Warfare


An article from a few years back, but one worth bringing to the forefront once again. Emphasis are mine.

By Keith


Paul and Drew have both graciously shared a part of their spiritual journey with us. For myself, the area of the fringe that I became most involved with was spiritual warfare. For a season in my ministry I became deeply immersed in this teaching. I declared things in the heavenlies, attempted to discern the demons over my city, drove around my city claiming it for Jesus, anointed the chairs in our sanctuary on a regular basis, and bound Satan daily. I would be lying if I said that there wasn’t a part of me that really got in to this whole experience. I felt very important and very powerful. Even today, when discussing some of the things that I used to do, I have a strong feeling of power rise up in my body. It was very exciting. Until one day a very simple question refused to let go of me. “When did anyone in the Bible do this?”

That was the question that started me on an investigation of this teaching. Today I am confident that not only is this teaching not Biblical, it is actually occultic in nature. I don’t make that statement lightly. I have studied and written on the subjects of the New Age, Wicca and even tribal religion. The modern teaching on spiritual warfare has more in common with these practices than anything that can be found in the pages of the New Testament (that book that is supposed to teach us, among other things, how the church is to operate).

I should hasten to say that this is not an exclusively Charismatic issue. Evangelical writers like Neal Anderson and Mark Bubeck (incidentally one of the nicest guys you could ever hope to talk to) have done much damage to the body of Christ in this area. Bubeck’s books even include prayers for the Holy Spirit to search your blood stream, gastro-intestinal organs and other body systems for demons. (i.e. the demon of cholitis and I am not joking.)

Space will only allow for a small number of examples but perhaps these will cause readers to dig even further to determine if these teachings are truly from the Lord.

1. Manipulation of spiritual forces: One of the underlying assumptions of the occultic worldview is that all of life is connected by a spiritual force. The practice of magick is based on attempts to manipulate this force in order for the practitioner to create their own reality. Modern Word Faith teachers and spiritual warfare teachers unknowlingly have bought into the same mindset. For Word Faith teachers the monistic force is faith itself. Kenneth Copeland has frequently stated that faith is a force that even God uses to accomplish His purposes. David Yonggi Cho has stated that this force can even be used by non-believers which is why Buddhist monks sometimes get results. Many of the modern prophets have stated the same thing about the New Age. For many in the spiritual warfare community the force is more personal in the form of angels, demons and the Holy Spirit. While this may seem more biblical the fact remains that much of their efforts are aimed at manipulating these beings to their own ends.

It is out of this foundational belief that many other ancillary beliefs and practices arise. For instance words are seen as extremely powerful. Once again, in Word Faith circles, words are the containers of the force. What I confess I possess. If I say that I am going bald I will get more baldness. But if I confess that I have a full head of hair then that is what I will receive. This is what leads teachers like Marylin Hickey to teach us to, “Say to your wallet. Why you big fat wallet. You’re so full of money.” Of course, apparently it doesn’t work for her because she has to keep asking for donations. Similarly prophetic teachers like Victoria Boyson and Mike Bickle teach that when we criticize someone we are releasing and activating Satanic activity upon them and if we bless them we are releasing Holy Spirit activity.

This authority that is supposedly in words then leads to the increasingly popular binding and loosing and warfare in the heavenlies teachings. In this practice Satan and his forces are actually addressed and commanded in prayer. Their “strongholds” over cities are pulled down. Their strategies are foiled. They must leave the region. Authority is claimed by the Church and the Spirit is loosed.

Now, I hate to spoil the party. But is this really what Jesus was teaching in Matt. 16 when He said that whatever you bind on earth is bound in heaven? The answer is a decided “no”. Before discussing what binding and loosing really means, the evidence that modern spiritual warfare teachers cannot be correct in what they are teaching is easy to detect from the New Testament. The fact is simply this, NOWHERE IN THE NEW TESTAMENT IS SATAN EVER ADDRESSED IN PRAYER. Prayer is made to God. We do not have one single example of anyone in the New Testament ever engaging in this type of prayer. The only time that Satan or a demon is ever addressed by a believer is when they are being cast out of an individual. The historical fact is that binding and loosing were rabbinical terms that the apostles would have been familiar with that had to do with forbidding and permitting certain practices and which speaks to the apostle’s authority in laying the foundation for the practices of the church.

Christians are spending too much time shouting at the devil.  And can someone please tell me, “What is the statute of limitations on binding the devil?”  He seems to continually get loose!  How long does it take to bind a demon and clear the heavenlies?  This stuff has been going on over KC for over twenty years and yet 2005 was one of the worst years in our history for murder.

2. Ritual Magick. In the occult worldview, rituals can be performed in the physical that have ramifications in the spiritual. So a pin stuck in a voodoo doll can cause spiritual forces to work against an individual that can result in bodily injury. One of the most disturbing segments of the film, “Jesus Camp” was to see a teacher hand a hammer to children and tell them to go to the front and smash cups labelled “abortion”, “homosexuality” etc. etc. and by commanding the heavenlies and smashing the cups things would be broken in the spirit realm. Much of the same thing can be seen in many of the practices of anointing. Rebecca Brown teaches people to anoint the doors and windows of their homes so that demons don’t have any points of access to their homes.

3. Power Centers. In the occultic mindset, certain grounds are sacred. They may be possessed by either good or evil spirits. Some of these power centers may be taboo to all but the most highly initiated or they may be places to gather for worship because the power is strong. We have seen over the last two decades a number of these power centers emerge and diminish, Toronto, Pensacola, Smithton, etc. etc. Additionally, the modern teaching of spiritual portals by prophets like John Paul Jackson, Kathie Walters, Paul Keith Davis and many more has more in common with the occult than the bible despite the way they butcher the story of Jacob’s Ladder to try and make it fit.

4. The Devil Made Me Do It. The occultic world is all about spirits. Animism is all about spirits. Spirits are responsible for everything. Spirits must be placated. While it is certainly true that the Western mind tends to ignore the spiritual dimension and tends almost toward Deism, the modern spiritual warfare teachings are certainly an over-correction. If it rains on a church picnic it is the devil’s fault. Every sin is evidence of a “stronghold” that must be pulled down. The problem is that this silver bullet approach to holiness keeps the individual from dealing with what is often the true source of the problem, a carnal, rebellious heart.

5. Shamanism. In the occult the shaman is the expert in the things of the spirit. He has visions of the spirit world and brings back information to the followers. Many of today’s so-called prophets are nothing more than shamen. People flock to them to hear of their visits to the otherworld and to act on the information that they bring back. This has opened a literal pandora’s box of new practices. What is particularly disturbing in the spiritual warfare scenario is that many of these practices were supposedly learned by interviewing demons!!!! Bubeck says that when we interview a demon we should ask, “Will this information stand as truth before the throne of God?” For some reason Bubeck believes that a demon can’t lie if you ask him in that way. But why would we ever seek to learn about the things of the Spirit from a liar and the father of lies?

Remember the question that I said started it all for me. “When did anyone in the Bible ever do this?” It’s a good question. It’s worth pondering the next time you are thinking about jumping into a new thing.


Redeemed Hippie: Especially interesting was number 5 on Shamanism. We have this today with the likes of Bob Jones, Tod Bentley, Patricia King and a host of others who are more than glad to share their experiences of what they are allowed to see in the so-called spirit realm and bring it back to anyone who will listen. Sadly, many do listen and in doing so are being caught up in an occult revival of lies, delusions and manipulations. 

Voodoo in the Church


The first four clips show us something called the Harlem Shake that has taken over some churches. It is ripped off from VooDoo.

This is not a new thing. Just packaged differently. It was just a few years we had the following:


Do not think God will not judge this. He most certainly will and those who refuse to come out from among them, will continue to get more delusions upon them. Funny isn’t it, how those of us who tried warning people just a few years back, were mocked and ridiculed and judged — when these are the people who keep getting more deluded, more possessed by demons and hell awaits them unless they repent. For they are worshipping demons and do not even know it! Do they even care?

America has preachers who are leading their congregation straight to hell!

Come out from among them!

New Age “Apostles” or Pagans?


It’s not my agenda to insult pagans with the following video. But, let’s keep it real. I am insulted that the church would use pagan tactics to manipulate and spread deception.

As much as I do not go along with Pagan beliefs, even pagans do not go this far with their rituals.

Sadly, this goes on in a lot of churches today. People want to call it worship. I call it theatrics. Christians will sit passively, soak up words, allowing themselves to be hypnotised, thinking this is the Word of God. If you are into this kind of thing, I challenge you, to sit back and take a good look at this and tell me WHY you believe it is of God. I believe it is a bunch of horse manure. We both can not be right now, can we?

Do not waste time telling me I am blasphmeming the Holy Spirit. If anyone is blasphmeming it is those who say they speak for God while being Satan’s ministers who come as an angel of light. Chuck Pierce is just one of many. Deceivers, witches and warlocks in disguise.


APOSTATE LIE: Coming Supernatural Wealth Transfer


Video is below

Talk about taking scripture out of complete context! THIS, Bride of Christ is a fine example of these apostates setting you up NOW to start giving your finances to them before all hell breaks loose in the economy.

Benny Hinn teaching wealth transfer. This is what witchcraft in the church looks like. It is appalling!

“When God blesses you, He blesses you big. And the Bible says you don’t have to work for it.”

What an out right lie! BH’s lie gives people the impression that money is just going to come to them without any action on their part.

For even when we were with you, we commanded you this: If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat.
— 2 Thessalonians 3:10 —

He is helping people to stumble in the faith if they end up not being able to feed their own family! 

But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. — 1 Timothy 5:8 —

I am amazed how these deceivers ALWAYS use examples from the old testament instead of going to the new testament. The New Testament teaches us that Jesus had no place to lay His head. Did HE have all the riches this world has to offer? Certainly not.

BH uses Abraham, Issacc, Jacob, Joseph, Israel, and Soloman as examples of the rich. All taken from the old testament. He says there were six of them and now, “You are number 7.” Most of us know by now these heretics are using numerology with their use of numbers to back up their teachings as some kind of ordinance from God. God is nowhere in this.

“You are number seven, on your way to heaven.”

I do not claim to know who is going to heaven. But this is scarey, church. Here is a man telling a group of people they all are going to heaven. False assurance?

“God is going to give you the wealth of the sinner.”

Greed! He has just helped the church to covet by desiring what is someone else’s — sinner or not!

There is a chance to buy Benny hinn’s book on teaching you how to receive the wealth of the wicked. KACHING. Right into Hinn’s bank account!

He’s got his creepy MANIPULATING/WITCHCRAFT voice at 7:30 “You people listen to me well. If you don’t obey god today, you’re going to lose tomorrow.” That finger of his pointed as if he is some great truth speaker.”People who disobeyed in the old and new testaments were cut off.”

A fear tactic. Remember that.

At this point he tells a cutesie little story that brings some laughter. Now whether he did this to break down some resistance or not, God knows. Personally, I think it is every bit of a type of mind control and they know exactly how to work a crowd.

He goes on by giving examples of how he gave thousands of dollars when he was broke. Of course this was many years ago and no proof of any such thing. Even if there were proof, it does not mean God is requiring you to give your money to these deceitful workers of iniquity.

He explains he was so broke and god told him to give up his last 10 cents. This is preparing the people even more to empty their wallets as he shares this pathetic sob story!

“I’m gonna ask you to do what I did that day…I don’t know why god told me to give athousand dollars…something in my being told me to give a thousand.”

He continues by telling the people if they do what he will ask them, it will be the best thing that happens to them and their family.

Never mind if they will have food on the table, never mind if they have a house payment or bills to pay. Just fork it over to the man in the fancy suit!

“And as you pray, god is going to talk to you. Then I want you come down here and sow a thousand dollars in the Lord’s work…God has already placed a thousand dollars in your hands. You have it some place. I know you have other plans for it, but god has just changed your plans.”

“I’m standing here because of my obediance of so long ago.”

No, he is standing there because people have propped him up for decades and made him a billionaire!

This whole charade leads to the teaching of offerings. No surprise there. BH is preparing the people to empty their wallets in hopes of getting some of that wealth and the only one walking away from this with money in their pocket is Benny hinn! WAKE UP CHURCH!

Do not come here and try to defend this man. Your comment will not be posted. If you want to believe this stuff, you are free to do so. You deserve to have every cent taken from you in the days to come.

As for the sheep who are coming out from among them, continue to test all things. You do not have to be afraid of the teachings of Benny Hinn. Do not let him put a yoke on you.

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